Thu May 13, 19:00 - Sun May 16, 20:00
Adam Small Theatre Complex


“A dark absurd comedy featuring fairy-tale favourites in their true forms, bringing out all their absurdities and psychological well-being in uncanny and twisted manners.


Mr Connor Wolf has his last Psychology session with the acclaimed doctor that specializes in treating any and all absurdities. Take Mr Wolf, for example, he firmly believes himself to be the antagonist in many beloved fairy-tales, is this just another case of disillusionment or is he putting on an act? He entices the doctor by telling his side of the story. He reveals his romantic endeavour with red riding hood and his brotherhood he formed with the three little pigs. He has flashbacks of their encounters, providing images and relationship status for his beloved doctor. All seems to be going well, until…”


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Adam Small Theatre Complex
15 Victoria St, Stellenbosch Central, Stellenbosch, 7600
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