Fundraiser to have a home birth with Rik

Thu May 6, 12:00 - Wed Jun 30, 12:00
Baby Els


Hi everybody,

We are doing a fundraiser to raise money do. My fiance can be involved in the birth of our son. With Covid we can't get Rik into a government hospital.... We have 3 options...

A home birth with a professional midwife, gynaecologist and team is R17000 includes natural and Caesarian.

A birth at a midwife nursing home where Rik and i will be in a room together for the night R20000 includes natural and Caesarian.

Our hope was to have our baby at Netcare Femina hospital but this option is R45 000 and I which covers everything including an emergency, however this amount is exceptionally out of our reach.

We are trying to get loans so Rik can be involved in the birth as I truly do not want to go through a birth in a government hospital alone without him.

Please help us raise the funds... We simply cannot afford it at the moment... Huxley is due in August and we have 6 weeks to raise the funds to book the bed...

The baby is covered by medical aid only once born as medical aids do not cover the birth until only after a year of being on medical aid.

Tarri and Rik

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