Breaking out of COVID - LMI Leadership Summit

Fri Jun 4, 09:00 - Fri Jun 4, 13:00


Leadership Management International is proud to present "Breaking out of COVID" Leadership summit hosted by Lunchtime Leadership Team Kevin & Naomi.


LMI/SMI South Africa represents one of over 80 countries using the LMI/SMI method. Thanks to the expertise and professional background of its team LMI/SMI succeeds in the development of leadership and motivational competencies throughout South Africa. Our role is to develop effective leaders, people, and organizations through the implementation of unique LMI/SMI processes and our materials are now translated into more than 25 languages around the globe from South America to Sweden.


This year we will be showcasing some of the extensive reach and impact that LMI South Africa has had with executives and business in South Africa! 

We will showcase various topics at various time slots thought out the morning for you to join in: Discussion points on teams, sales, exco, and more sharing success stories of the last 12 months.


Join this FREE ONLINE EVENT on the morning of the 4 June 2021 from 9:00 until 13:00 or join for a specific topic discussion of your choice - COME FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE BEST KEPT SECRET IN AFRICA.

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