"The mindful eating conversation" with Nicole Allan

Sat May 22, 10:00 - Sat May 22, 12:00
The Office 97


Did you know that when it comes to food, weight, and body image, many of our beliefs and behaviours are inherited? Children model what they see at home - your eating habits influence their eating habits and the way you feel about your body affects the way they feel about theirs. 

If you've dieted or exercised excessively to control your weight, you'll know that neither is the answer to long-term health or happiness. And neither is the answer for our daughters (or sons!).

Enter Mindful Eating, a powerful practice that's designed to increase awareness and intention around food and support your physical and mental wellbeing. This approach will teach you how to slow down and be present at mealtimes, identify what your body needs, make healthier choices, ditch diets, banish binges and most of all create much healthier inner dialogue around body image and nourishment.

To learn how, join us for An Introduction to Mindful Eating with holistic health coach, Nicole Allen and take home six simple strategies you can both implement straight away to feel more empowered and in control of food and your health!


When: Saturday May 22, 2021

Time: 10am to 12pm

Where: The Office 97

Tickets: R150  

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"The mindful eating conversation" with Nicole Allan
The Office 97
97 Innes Rd, Windermere, Berea, 4001
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