Mystery Ghost Jaunt - Parys - 15 May - R 400 PER PERSON (5pm - 9.30pm)

Sat May 15, 17:00 - Sat May 15, 21:30
Stonehenge in Africa




BE CAREFUL: Google Maps often shows the wrong Starting Point for "Stonehenge In Africa", so use our map shown on this page.

BRING a picnic basket with small snacks & cooldrinks if you wish !! SOMETIMES people forget to pitch, in which case you can buy tickets at the Starting Venue in cash.

The Mystery Ghost ‘Jaunt’ has proven to be extremely popular, interactive, fun & exciting. BUT, you cannot book for just one (1) person. You need at least 2 people ie: one to drive the car, and one to read a few in-the-car stories (your ghostly host does the major out-the-car stories). You can bring as many people as you wish in your vehicle (price is still per person though).

The Mystery Ghost 'Bus' is now only for Groups of 20 or more persons. And so we now have the Mystery Ghost 'Jaunt', which is for the 'Public' or 'Groups'. It is similar to the Mystery Ghost Bus, with the same route. You will use your own vehicle (or share with friends) as part of a convoy like an adventurous mystery car rally. A fun, outgoing person in your vehicle will read out aloud a few stories from a script along the way, until you stop at each of the major out-of-the-vehicle stops, where your ghostly host takes over (just like the Mystery Ghost Bus).

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Adult Entertainment (no under 8’s). 

Eat & drink anywhere in Parys @ 4pm

Meet at Stonehenge In Africa Resort for Jaunt: 5pm - 9.30pm.

Bring Pub & Grub Cash, Torch, Camera, Flat Walking Shoes, and picnic basket with small snacks & cooldrinks if you wish.

Umbrella is a must.

Special B&B rates on our website if you want to stay over for a getaway.

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(2). HOW TO PAY:

Here at QUICKET you can use a Credit Card, most Debit Cards, EFT (immediate), or Bank Deposit. Sometimes people forget to pitch, or the jaunt isn't entirely full, in which case you can purchase tickets from the host at the venue in cash.


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Mystery Ghost Jaunt - Parys - 15 May - R 400 PER PERSON (5pm - 9.30pm)
Stonehenge in Africa
Kopjeskraal Rd, South Africa
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