MEMOIR COURSE: Route to Meaning

Fri May 14, 07:00 - Sun May 16, 14:00
Onlive via Zoom


We all have a story to tell from our own lives about how we became who we are. 

Stories about the way we were born, or about how someone helped us. About how we got ill, or overcame a terrible loss. Stories about how someone we loved hurt us, or how a political or spiritual circumstance almost broke us. Stories about how we were bullied, about how an accident changed the course of our lives, or about how we were able to make a difference in someone else’s life. These stories are often invisible to others. They might still influence the way we think and feel in ways we don’t fully understand.

Writing about your own life can help you connect with the story you are living and it can help to heal or manage the effects of trauma. It is a powerful way for us to communicate and to grow compassion for ourselves and for each other. The tools we need to write effectively are also tools that help us live more creatively and less anxiously. Whether you are writing fiction or plays or poetry, life writing skills can help you deepen observation of our human preferences, habits and tendencies, and how they impact on ourselves, other people and the natural environment.

During the course we will find refreshing approaches to assist us in putting our personal stories down on the page. Beginner writers are welcome.

FACILITATORS: Giles Griffin & Linda Kaoma

DATES: Friday 14th - Sunday 16th May

TIME: Friday: 7 - 9pm,  Saturday & Sunday: 9 - 2 pm

VENUE: Online via Zoom (link will be sent to confirmed participants prior to session)

Bookings via [email protected]

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