It's A Dog's Life

Fri May 21, 20:00 - Sat May 29, 22:00
Milnerton Playhouse


The action revolves around eight dogs in a dog pound or shelter who are all hoping to be rescued and taken to a loving home. They are there for different reasons, from a variety of backgrounds, each with their own story. They sit in spaces representing kennels and talk to each other like humans. They are not dressed in dog costumes but instead, wear clothing and accessories that suit their individual personalities. In addition to the dogs, there are two humans; the warden of the shelter and a woman visitor looking for a dog to adopt.

The dog's conversations are both humorous and poignant, reflecting the sad situations that result in animals ending up in such places.

The dogs are played by Elsje Van Tonder, Werner Steffen, Chris Doran, Anh Thu Nguyen, Lance Laubscher and Beryl Eichenberger. The Warden is played by Gary Green with Alissa Nayanah as the Woman Visitor.

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It's A Dog's Life
Milnerton Playhouse
Pienaar Rd, Milnerton, 7441, South Africa
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