Arise Adoption Conference: Deconstructed

Mon May 10, 19:30 - Mon May 24, 21:00


Arise Adoption Conference: Deconstructed

Join us for a 3 part online series exploring 3 key dynamics which influence the relationships which form in adoptive families. Adoption is often said to be complicated - we can hold the tension of joy and delight in something while still recognising the different dynamics of identity, belonging and loss which also form a part of the story. Each session is complete in itself, but we recommend that you join us for the full series.

Attachment - Monday 10 May: How do two beings find each other, when there has been a history before which didn't include each other? Why is this something to consider? What does the dance of together look like? This session will explore what attachment is, as well as why it matters and what it means, not just for your family, but also for future relationships. We will speak about what this means for people adopting younger children as well as older children. 

Grief and Loss - Monday 17 May: Creating an empathic understanding of the grief and loss for all role players in adoption is an important part of the work prospective parents and families need to do. 


Transracial Adoption + Identity - Monday 24 May: What happens to the identity of people who do not grow up within their biological families and within their own race or cultural groups? What makes this something to consider? This session will focus on the things that families need to be mindful of when choosing to adopt transracially, but also reference some of the identity development common to all adoptees. 

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