Rhodes Memorial Restaurant Staff Support Fund

A HUGE THANK YOU to all of the wonderful folk who stepped up to provide emergency support for the Rhodes Memorial Restaurant Staff after the devastating destruction of the beautiful Rhodes Mem Restaurant in the fire of Sunday 18 April 2021.

We raised a fantastic R69,752.00, thanks to your generosity. Thank you!

The Lyons are overwhelmed and deeply appreciative of all the support they have received - particularly through this fund in support of their staff. Since the fire, this fund provided a few weeks of basic support and a number of staff have found alternative employment.

Jessica's Catering - the company that has provided meals and snacks for so many of our events - has managed to continue its operations, and the Lyons have kept as many staff employed as possible through this.

Don't forget - for all your catering needs, Jessica's Catering provides the most delicious treats, snack boxes and sustenance for any kind of event. Go to https://jessicascatering.co.za/ or email Jessica on [email protected] to get a quote for your event.


***** THE CAMPAIGN ******

The Rhodes Memorial Restaurant was burnt to the ground in the runaway mountain fire that swept across the slopes of Table Mountain on Sunday 18th April. The quick action of staff ensured that everyone was safely evacuated from the restaurant as the fire chased up the mountain, engulfing the restaurant as everyone safely reached the bottom gate. 


26 staff members, many of whom are longstanding familiar faces at the tea garden, are now without work. Although reimbursement and insurance claims will be instituted, these things will take time and are going to take longer as records and paperwork were destroyed in the fire. We are a group of people who have spent glorious afternoons, attended weddings, and lazed away long lunches at Rhodes Mem, always looked after by the wonderful staff. We have formed the (informal) Friends of the Rhodes Memorial Restaurant to raise R400,000 which will provide some relief to the staff of this much-loved restaurant for the next 2 months.


We invite you to join us in supporting the staff of Rhodes Memorial Restaurant and to share this campaign far and wide.


Rhodes Memorial Restaurant has for decades been a welcoming spot for countless members of the UCT community, Capetonians and many, many visitors from the rest of the country and abroad. The views, the food, and the staff kept us all coming back again and again. This venue and its wonderful people have hosted weddings, birthdays, graduations, tea parties, lunches and a range of other celebrations. We have all stopped by for coffee and cake, and stayed for a glass of wine. Hundreds of hikers have plonked onto a bench after a long walk. And there are very many dogs who trotted along with their owners and were given treats and special water bowls by the staff. 

We all have great memories of the Rhodes Memorial Restaurant - please help us support the incredible restaurant staff. Their welcoming smiles have made our day countless times.  Let’s help them get through these next tough months.

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  • Listing and banner images: Ashraf Hendricks and Groundup
  • Restaurant and staff pics: Rhodes Memorial Restaurant facebook page
  • Restaurant after pics: Ashraf Hendricks and Groundup; John Finch Travel

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