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Thu Aug 19, 16:00 - Thu Aug 19, 19:00


What comes to mind when someone refers you to LinkedIn? We’ve had quite a number of unexpected answers ranging from “it’s a dating site” to “It’s a jobs portal” “sales portal”. 

We, at LadyBugz, are here to help you set the record straight about what LinkedIn truly is and its importance in your professional space through our online training sessions.

First things first, LinkedIn is NOT a dating site but it does fall under the “jobs portal” category for those that are in the jobs market. LinkedIn initially started as a networking and relationship building platform for small businesses.

LinkedIn’s core purpose is to help professionals build relationships, grow their sales, build brand awareness, reputations and credibility. Through LinkedIn, you will be able to understand who your audience is, what they do, where they work and how you can work together to grow and further generate qualified sales.

LinkedIn is a tool that you cannot just simply box and throw it amongst the social media toolbox with the rest of the social media platforms out there. It is not just another social media platform. It is a professional tool that works as either your advanced online CV, your go-to sales platform, new-age database, your platform for networking and learning, and it is your quickest, most effective way to appear on Google searches.

Our LinkedIn training course helps you understand how to:

-         Maximise your profile by helping choose the right profile image and a banner that speaks to you and what you stand for.

-         Helps you compose a headline that speaks to your targeted audience and how you aim to add value to their lives.

-         Maximise your profile by adding ALL your experiences, qualifications and skills.

-         We utilise all the information about you to its full potential because we believe that every word on your profile is searchable through Google SEO – boosting your profile’s visibility and SSI (Social Selling Index) score on your profile.

-         We also teach you how to make valuable connections because we don’t believe in just making random connections just to increase your numbers. You need to make connections within your industry to increase your credibility and brand awareness.

-         For your profile to gain more credibility, we believe it is important to get recommendations and endorsements. We help you list all your skills and ask people from your network to endorse those skills and ask for credible recommendations from people you have worked with.

As mentioned above, taking up our LinkedIn training course will help you unlock opportunities in your industry by showing you how to make valuable connections by searching for companies within your industry and beyond as well as making connections with its employees, putting you 10 steps ahead of an average person who doesn’t have an active LinkedIn profile. Sounds mind-blowing, right? We know!

Believe it or not, there is a fine art and science to using LinkedIn to get maximum value from the platform. Through our training, we will guide you on your way to success by showing you how to use LinkedIn to your advantage to maximise your opportunities. 

Don’t be a mechanic that arrives at a job with an Uber. Practice what you preach and show people why they should trust you with their businesses. 

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