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I am a female 5th year medical student from Walter Sisulu University, in Mthatha, Eastern Cape. I am trying to raise funds which will enable me to participate in a collaborative medical exchange program between Walter Sisulu University and the University of Graz, Austria. 

Walter Sisulu University now has a new cooperation partnership for student exchange, personnel mobility and other collaborations with the University of Graz, Austria. The program is intended for staff and students from Walter Sisulu University to participate in medical rotations programmes abroad. 

10 fifth-year medical students are being offered the opportunity to spend up to 8 weeks at the Medical University of Graz in September 2021. During this period, students will rotate across various medical department i.e. surgery, paediatrics and radiology. Credits earned in the Medical University of Graz will be recognised by WSU and credited to the students’ academic trajectory. 

Unfortunately, of the 10 selected students, only one student will receive full funding while the other nine students will be self-funded. The importance of this programme is that it will give insight into the new technologies and skills that have already been developed in these first world countries, equipping us with skills to better our health system, particularly with regards to enhancing the quality of our health services. 

Not only will this programme assist in the attainment of knowledge and skills, but it will also strengthen international ties that could assist put our Medical school on the map. 

Shown below is a breakdown of the projected costs for the 8-week duration without flights. Essentially, the euro-to-rand currently translates this amount to R30000 plus estimated return flight cost of R25000 which totals R55000 pp. 

Accommodation   800 EUR  

Transport  105 EUR  

Insurance package (depend on the provider)  130 EUR  

Meals  500 EUR   

Student union fees   50 EUR  

Total 1585 EUR

Any assistance I can get, no matter how small, will be greatly appreciated.

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