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Please help Phumi by donating any amount to her cause to overcome her 4 year battle with Hodgkins Lymphoma stage 4 (nodular sclerosis)


Hi, I'm Phumi Magolego, age 24 and I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma stage 4 in April 2018.

I started getting sick in early 2017, in 3rd year of University when I discovered a small lump on my neck. With very little symptoms being experienced at that time, i started getting very ill towards of the year and had 3 visible lumps on my body.

I got diagnosed in April 2018 at Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital in Johannesburg. To date I've had 3 sets of chemotherapy and 1 x radiation. Unfortunately, the cancer keeps coming back and the public health system has fallen short of being able to help me. I very quickly had to find alternative counselling as to what I can do to beat this disease without further succumbing to abrasive treatments that haven't worked.

I made the difficult decision to go the naturopathic/homeopathic route and find natural, less harmful ways of healing my cancer which I believe is possible (and has been done before).

However, I'm unemployed due to my weak immune system, visible lumps, body aches and short comings. My family and I are in desperate need of financial support to contribute to my healing plan. Up till this point I've been relying on selling some of my old clothing, offerings from family members and some money I can make from freelance gigs.

Any amount that can help me win this battle is deeply appreciated and I'm forever thankful!

I am in need of funding the following:

  1. Neuropathic doctor visits - R3000 p.m (3 x a month including blood tests, excluding herbal medicine)
  2. Daily Vegetables and Fruit - R2400 p.m (as this is my daily diet adopted from the Budwig cancer-fighting diet, I need lots of veggies/fruit to sustain me each day)
  3. General grocery list - +- R3808 p.m (includes whole foods, pure juices x 2 each day, herbs, spices, my budwig protocol ect)
  4. Supplements - R1820 p.m (essaic tea, graviola, bidomak iron supp, collagen, multivitamin, vitamin c immune boosters and b complex)
  5. Healing therapies like lymphatic drainage and sauna for detoxing (optional but vital at times)

PS: This health plan is guided by 3-6-12 month guidelines which I hope will be complete a year or less from now. Especially once I am, with financial support, able to integrate all the things that are essential but that I can't implement right now.



ACC NAME: Siphumelele Phakade

ACC NO: 6269 1616 109


BRANCH: Centurion


081 425 8256

THANK YOU ENDLESSLY FOR YOUR SUPPORT!! I simply appreciate you - Love & Light. - Phumi

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