"Leverage your Skill and Build your Brand"

Sat Apr 24, 14:00 - Sat Apr 24, 16:00
Zoom webinar


Do you struggle to have a BRAND that will survive beyond the pandemic?

Do you know how to up skill so you can improve your business?

If you are in business - then you have a brand. What differentiates brands is expertise, excellence, identity, grit & courage.

The following are strong brands: Coke, Mandela, Serena Williams, Tiger Woods, Apple, Oprah Winfrey - yours??

In this webinar, you will learn::

  • How to grow your brand even if you did not have any
  • How to focus your time and energy effectively to up scale your business
  • How to use your subconscious to be the best in your business

Then we’re going to address everything that is holding you back.

Proudly presented by Women Business Achievers, this webinar is for dynamic businesswomen who are determined to make 2021 the year that their businesses grow.

This webinar is fully sponsored and attendees will get freebies.

Programme Director will be Businesswoman & Motivational Speaker Carol Keshy

SPEAKERS 1.Tanya Obeng from the UK, is a life coach, who unlocks people's creativity to get back on their pathway to success.

She aims to promote mindfulness and uses psychodrama as a tool to help others open up and tell their stories in an authentic way. Tanya's approach is empowering, supportive and inspiring..

Her workshops helps you to return to a sense of self, and secondly, she helps to unlock your creativity and reposition into another working environment. Maybe you are a new leader, maybe you are showing signs of the burnout and want some support. If you resonate with anything then you need to attend this webinar.

In Tanya's experience she is able to notice individual personality types, how people behave and engage with others under pressure and in group situations positively and negatively. She can then support them to understand themselves and work with others. https://www.communicationdoctor.co.uk/

Tanya's aim is to:

• Promote positive communication and wellbeing through mindfulness

• Connect with others who speak who understand the current problems in work life culture

• Communicate in an open and sensitive way allowing others to respond positively

• Helping people feel at ease in their environment

2.Bulelani Balabala is Township Entrepreneur Developer, Transformation advisor, Multi-awarded Entrepreneur:

Bulelani has earned the name Township entrepreneur developer & youth ambassador because of the work he does. His main focus is empowering township and rural entrepreneurs. He is the CEO of IAF brands a township based award winning social media marketing company, through his company he has serviced local and international brands.

This busy trailblazer is also the founder of Township Entrepreneurs Alliance (TEA) an organisation aimed at developing entrepreneurs in the informal & rural areas through this platform TEA has directly impacted over 43000+ entrepreneurs & 20 000+ high school students. He is a professional speaker who covers brand developments, entrepreneurship & transformation. He is featured on multiple media platform where is gives thought leadership. He has shared platforms with business, industry and government leaders. He lives by the motto #GetThingsDone 

3.Kathryn Main is a trailblazer, a multiple award winning businesswoman and a financial literacy guru:

Do you want to change the cycle of poverty on the African continent?

If you answered yes, then you need to listen to Kathryn on this webinar.

Financial literacy education is Kathryn's passion. Her solutions are carefully crafted to meet each clients individual needs and talk directly to their target market. Video, USSD, book, In - App, social media content or online platforms.

Her flagship products are Money Savvy Kids & Teens - Grade 0 - Grade 12 curriculums - school programmes, teacher training, holiday programmes and workshops. www.moneysavvykids.co.za

Financial literacy is a cornerstone of prosperity and security. It builds confidence and knowledge in the lives of individuals and the country as a whole. You cannot address the issues of financial inclusion and equitable and sustainable socio-economic development without addressing financial literacy.

Kathryn's other company is "Mainmutimedia" - a boutique marketing agency that was started in 2010. Clients are in nine countries in Africa, three countries in Europe to the Australian outback and Canada.

You cannot afford to miss this!!!

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