Energetic Freedom

Sat May 8, 10:00 - Sat May 8, 17:00
Online (Zoom)


Dealing With Energetic Parasites On The Spiritual Path


As your light shines brighter you may find yourself attracting parasites like moths are attracted to a flame. Learn how to protect that light by removing the various energetic parasites that seek to feed on your energy and slow your progress.


In this practical workshop we will explore the ‘Topic of all topics’ (Sri Aurobindo) and practice methods of clearing and protection so that your light can shine unhindered and spiritual journey can proceed without limits.


  • Equip yourself with the tools, knowledge and understanding to clear and protect your energy against unseen parasites.
  • Learn about the different categories of negative entity that feed on your energy and slow your spiritual growth.
  • Receive 3 simple tools for protection.
  • Discover the signs and symptoms of entity presence.
  • Learn how to identify entity presence when the entity is hiding away.
  • Clear the energy centres where they love to hide and prevent them returning.
  • Cancel your dark contracts and learn how to avoid traps of agreement.
  • Take a giant step to free yourself from the frequency prison.


We will be talking about the negative alien agenda, reptilians, draconians, the annunaki and other negative beings who seek to keep humanity imprisoned in a low frequency state of existence. You will come away with several practical tools to implement in your daily life to free your energy from these parasites and assist you on your spiritual journey.

What Others Have Said

“The workshop was awesome”


“Very Interesting” Dee


“Well presented, fascinating topic, great knowledge of the subject” Steve


“The workshop was amazing, very informative” Praks


“Very useful, powerful techniques to apply practically” Sumaya

“Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge with us. I enjoyed the class and appreciate your sharing your entity table with us. Will use it for sure” Neil


“Really enjoyed the experience, very interesting information” Lizel


“Absolutely fantastic” Linda


“Extremely educational, well presented, well phased. Most enjoyable” Derick


“Mark, I really enjoyed the pace. Information was clear, understandable & informative. I found that your warnings were great and the fact that you gave the choice to those who were about to do certain exercises. Please keep me updated on future courses.” Eloise


“It was a great learning experience & to learn how to identify and deal with entities. Everything I’ve learned today was wonderful & has definitely boosted my spirituality” Leila

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