The Wild Women Workshop

Tue Apr 20, 18:00 - Tue Apr 20, 20:00
Hout Bay


Would you believe me if I told you a potent Truth? That your body is the safest space for you to experience your reality?

All the answers to the questions you ask are already within you. All the grasping for an external sense of safety is false, it's disillusionment. There is no safety beyond your body. This is the container for which we allow sensation, feeling, and energy in motion to move through us and reveal to us insights far beyond the mind's ability to grasp and contemplate.

A lot is happening in the world right now. Women and men are waking up fast. We are standing up for ourselves, stepping into our potential, standing strong in our boundaries, and looking out for our community.

My vision for this workshop is simple: to slow down, and through the ancient, poetic tradition of Tantra meet yourself in the center of your being - in love and intimate connection. This is an opportunity to drop beyond the illusions and stories you have formed about yourself and especially your body.

The more I work with women, the more I receive the opportunity to observe how women speak to themselves and about themselves.

Where have we absorbed this narrative from?

Why do we find ourselves competing with one another?

There is no better way to come together as One Woman than to leave the bullshit along with our clothing at the door and DANCE, move, breathe, and share with each other in a safe, sacred space.

This workshop will be an opportunity for you to experience yourself in your truest, purest essence.

The deep feminine.


You will be guided through Traditional Tantric practices in a safe, enclosed, intimate, candlelit space.

The practice that we will be working with will be the Tandava.

The Tandava:

The oldest form of yoga. About 8000 years old.

In the words of Daniel Odier, the scope of this practice is that we dance until the body becomes space.

Our emotions and mind become space when the body is space.

This mystical dance is a complete yoga and very few have received these teachings due to its nature of non-technique. It is one of the most difficult yogas of our time, to meditate while the body is moving. The movement becomes the meditation until your entire life becomes the meditation.

During this yoga the body integrates every sensation, feeling, emotion into the path of Tantra.

This is the dance of Shakti and Shiva. That reconciles every impression, emotion and thought with the mystical path which is the aim of Traditional Tantra.

In this integration of body and space, the body is lead to spontaneity and freedom.

Tantrikas practice this yoga for thousands of hours until life becomes the Tandava.

We will be getting undressed, there will be a process of unfolding, removing and revealing. This is a necessary part of the process especially if we are working with body issues and feelings of unsafety around our femininity and other women.

Booking is essential | 083 644 6929 | Come dance your naked body.

If you have any questions before you purchase your ticket, you are most welcome to drop me an email: [email protected]

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