Make A Cuff - Learn Crochet Basics

Fri Apr 9, 10:30 - Fri Apr 9, 12:45


Learn crochet basics by making a cuff.

Optional part of class: Using cross stitch to decorate your cuff


Hand-eye coordination

What you need for the class:

  1. Yarn in colour of your choice - any yarn that is easy to work with for beginners. I recommend acrylic chunky yarn (not super chunky, just regular chunky). 1 type of yarn for the base of your cuff and 1 other yarn or even embroidery thread or ribbon to decorate it. You need small quantities or yarn so no need to buy more than one ball of each
  2. Crochet hook - size to match yarn size; e.g. double knit will use a 3 or 3.5 hook. Chunky yarn will need a 4 or 4,5 size hook
  3. Crewel needle - this is a round tipped needle - the bigger the better. You will use this to work in yarn ends and to decorate your cuff

Additional information

Age restriction Family friendly
Refund policy No refunds


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