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Thu Mar 25, 08:00 - Sat Jul 31, 23:59

One female dog can have two litters a year. At an average of 6 pups per litter, one unspayed female dog and her unsterilised offspring can produce up to 6 700 dogs in 6 years.

Pet sterilisation saves lives as there are less unwanted litters and fewer animals who end up in the welfare system needing to be rehomed. Do you want to help prevent animal abuse and cruelty?

Help us assist Sidewalk Specials to sterilise 150 dogs this April, and contribute to our other efforts to help dogs and cat in our international rescue missions.

FOUR PAWS South Africa have committed to 150 sterilisations as part of our continued partnership with Sidewalk Specials, a South African non-profit company who rescues, rehomes, educates, and sterilises to give a better life for dogs in township and low-cost living areas.

We are also actively involved in the closure of slaughterhouses in Southeast Asia as part of our campaign to end the dog and cat meat trade. The funds raised above the 150 sterilizations for Sidewalk Specials will be allocated to help our team in Cambodia with rescues, rehabilitation and sterilization efforts.

Big or small, your donation will help provide a better life for needy dogs. A donation of R450 will not only sterilise one dog, but will also cover all other medical costs, a food parcel, as well as a dog kennel. 


The All-inclusive Care Pack = R450

Each Care Pack consists of a full vet check, blood smear, inoculation, tick and flea treatment, dewormer, sterilisation, bag of healthy pet food and an Educational Pack (a practical guide to dog ownership in a township).

Or choose to donate towards individual items:

Sterilisation =     R150

Dog kennel =       R100

Full vet check which includes a blood smear, inoculation, tick and flea treatment, dewormer = R100

Pet food =            R50

Educational Pack = R50 


Click here to download our ‘How to be a responsible pet owner’ leaflet and use it to educate yourself, your kids, family, friends, and neighbours about what it means to be a responsible pet owner: 

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