21 Day Body Transformation Challenge 21.4

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 21 Day Body Transformation Challenge Participation Agreement

1. Introduction:

Thank you for your interest in the 21 Day Body Transformation Challenge! Throughout the Challenge, Herbalife Nutrition Independent Distributors (also known as “Coaches”) can help Participants work toward their body transformation goals and to improve their overall wellness. We want all participants to have a great time, have fun and meet new friends during the course of our Body Transformation Challenges. Remember that any reasonable diet or weight management program includes exercise and sensible meals, and it is recommended that you consult your primary physician before starting any exercise or weight management program. It is the responsibility of each participant to make sure they are medically capable of participating in the Challenge, and that they do not have a medical condition that would put them at harm or risk while participating in the Challenge.

 You will participate in this Challenge via your individual Herbalife (Personal) Coach. The Bodyfixers Community only oversees the running of the Challenge in terms of admin and overall preparation for zoom meetings, prize giving and the final collection of each participant's statistics.  

2. Platform & Communication:

The Participant understands that the Challenge is presented via social media platforms such as Whatsapp & Facebook and that it is a monthly event. In addition to the Challenge, you will be invited to attend weekly Zoom Calls where you will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive in-depth coaching and education with regard to nutrition. Your participation in these activities is not compulsory but it is a great opportunity to meet your fellow participants and to contribute value to each other’s body transformation journey. Inquiries of any sort should please be made directly to the Coach/es in charge.

For queries where the BodyFixers Community is involved, please use the following contact information:

Email: [email protected]

Phone Number: 073 484 6044

2.  General Terms & Conditions:

Please read this document carefully and tick the box to confirm that you understand and accept the following general terms and conditions of the 21 Day Body Transformation Challenge, voluntarily:


In return for your Participation Fee of R110 and upon signing this document, you are entitled to participate in the 21 Day Body Transformation Challenge described below and you will be eligible for the various prizes and/or payouts that are awarded upon its conclusion. There are two categories you may participate in; Weight Loss or Muscle Toning Category. The participation fee covers all prize payouts, minimal operational costs and is non-refundable.

Coaches are independent businesspersons - they are solely and exclusively responsible for those individuals (participants) that participate in this Challenge under their guidance. Whereas the Bodyfixers Community oversees the overall operation, each Participants’ Personal Coach is responsible for submitting statistics [ weight, photos, and centimeters], taking care of the Participant, and providing the necessary information to properly take part in the Challenge.


The Participant is the one responsible for the accuracy of the stats they take and the quality of the photos. If the stats seem implausible or incorrect or insufficient photos are sent through that does not meet the requirements, the relevant Coach will be contacted to clarify or discuss the issue with his/her Participant. If no solution is found, the Participant will be disqualified. All this is to ensure honesty and transparency throughout the Challenge.

Guidelines will be sent via your Coach regarding weekly weigh-in requirements, precise centimeters [chest, hips, and middle], and before and after photos. You must be at least 18 years of age to enter a Body Transformation Challenge. The purchase or consumption of Herbalife Nutritional Products in conjunction with your participation is mandatory. The purchase of at least one product will enable you to participate. Negotiations in this regard is a personal matter between the Coach and Participant. As a Participant, you should communicate regularly and fully about your progress and never hesitate to ask questions, so that you can receive the appropriate advice and coaching.  

Your privacy is crucial to us, and in accordance with our privacy policy, it is important that you fully understand the way we obtain and use your personal information (personally identifiable information such as - your name, telephone number, email address, weight loss, or muscle toning statistics and accompanying photos, etc.) and also the circumstances in which we may disclose it. We (all coaches that participate as well as the Bodyfixers Community) will not use or disclose any personal information obtained, except to the extent permitted by you the Participant, or required by applicable law. 

As you are aware, the personal information specified above is required to enable you to participate in this Challenge and to enable you to progress to the final voting round. Your consent, therefore, for the collection, use, processing, storage, distribution, and disclosure of your personal information for the purpose/s indicated in this agreement (and where required by law) is hereby obtained (with the signing of this document) to enable us to lawfully process your personal information.

You have a right to access and correct this information where needed via your Personal Coach. On completion of the challenge, all personal information received from Participants during the challenge will be saved carefully, however, a consent request will be submitted to the top Participants who qualified to proceed to the voting round that their before and after photos may be used for marketing purposes after the Challenge. No weight or centimeters will be disclosed except where permission has been granted.


Personal Information submitted via The Bodyfixers or IndaBush website for registration or via any of the social media platforms for this challenge will be protected as far as possible and will only be disclosed for the purposes and to the parties indicated in this agreement. However, no system whether or not password protected can be entirely impenetrable. You hereby acknowledge that it may be possible for an unauthorized third party to access, view, copy, modify or distribute the personal information received and you further acknowledge that this risk has been brought to your attention. Your signature on this agreement or submitting your details signifies your acceptance of this risk and no party involved in this challenge can be held liable in this regard.

Group participation is limited to the daily discussions. No inappropriate content may be shared. Only the topics of wellness and fitness may be discussed and the weekly motivational material.

· Payouts depend on the number of participants per challenge so the payouts may vary monthly.

· The cash prizes/payouts are calculated/split as follows:

· 25% first prize weight loss category

· 25% first prize weight gain and toning category

· 20% second prize weight loss category

· 20% second prize weight gain and toning category

· 5% lucky draws

· 5% banking fees and costs.

· Starting stats and final stats must be submitted within the given time frame allocated to enable you to participate and qualify for the cash prizes.

· Participants chosen for voting is determined in the following way:

· Weight loss category:

· Top 5, most centimeters lost in total during the 3-week period plus Top 5, total bodyweight percentage lost in total during the 3-week period will qualify.

· Muscle & Toning category:

· Top 10 transformations chosen by the lead coaches will be voted on. The lead coaches are – Lauren Stewart, Ashley Adams, Manie Venter

· The voting happens as follows:

· A voting website is designed, and a link is sent to nominated Coaches and third-party voters. Voting occurs in a specific time frame and the website is strictly private. Only Coaches receiving the link will be able to access it. The voting is personal to each voter and it will be their opinion on who qualifies for whichever position.

· The Participant agreeing to these terms and conditions are expected to be transparent and honest throughout the participation process and especially with the stats they submit.

3. Indemnities:

You hereby indemnify and hold all parties involved in this Challenge harmless against all claims of whatsoever nature that may arise directly or indirectly as a result of your participation in this Challenge. 

4. Acceptance of all terms and conditions:

By accepting this agreement, the Participant acknowledges that - 

He or She fully understands and voluntarily accepts the terms and conditions of the 21 Day Transformation Challenge as outlined in this is agreement. The Participant also acknowledges that he or she is aware of all risks involved and that they voluntarily accept those risks.

By entering and submitting my details I hereby agree to all the terms mentioned in this agreement.

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