8 Week Shape Up Challenge

Mon Apr 26, 08:00 - Fri Jun 25, 08:00


Join our online community challenge to improve on your current habits and start a new healthy balanced lifestyle. You are not alone in this and we believe strongly in accountability, education and support to get you closer to your results.

Challenge runs 26 April - 25 June 2021.

Facebook: https://bit.ly/39bCkTE


Prize money is dependent upon the number of entrants, with a maximum payout of R3000 for first prize. Remaining funds from entrance fees will be dispersed as “Spot Prizes” throughout the Challenge. (Qualifications at end)

There will be strict criteria and guidelines for photographs and measurements of all participants to be submitted to your coach, prior to the start of the Challenge.

Winners will be judged on the difference in measurements and between these photographs in exactly the same clothes and environment at the end of the Challenge. The photographs will be taken with the date of the day to mark the “Start Point”.


* Wellness Evaluation & personalised nutrition goals

* One on One Coaching

* Supportive online Education & Community

* Weekly topics to help you create new habits

* E-book with all the info needed

* Simple meal plan with meal builder guides

* Snacking ideas

* Home workout support

* Helpful information about good nutrition and long term health


* Protein & Calorie Intake (Personalized)

* Meal Planning & Snacking (Personalized)

* Energy & Metabolism

* Carbohydrates

* Nutrition Labels

* Fibre

* Dining Out

* Bone Health

* Sugar

* Exercise

* Heart Health

* Long Term Wellness

You can expect a reasonable and healthy transformation over this 8 Week Body Transformation Challenge period.

Entrance fee is R100. The R3000 first prize is dependent on the number of participants. Participants will be allocated points for achieving weekly goals, and remaining funds will go towards product prizes for the contestants who accumulate the most points over a two week period.

Whatsapp us for questions: 0724474424


The Participation Agreement must be completed and signed. Participants need to be over 18 years of age. Any Participant demonstrating an obviously unhealthy weight loss or gain will be disqualified. Minimum purchase of Herbalife Nutrition products: 1 Shake and 1 Tea per month from your Coach. A personalised programme is offered and advised.

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Refund policy No refunds


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