Art Class Grade 7-9

Mon Apr 26, 15:00 - Mon May 17, 16:00
Transform With Art @ The Little Melon Studio


Does your child want to learn more about art and increase their artistic skills?

The good news is that you are in the right place- even if all your child has ever drawn is a stickman!


At Transform With Art, our Grade 7-9 Art classes have been designed to teach valuable art skills as well as theory, terminology and history through a 4 week long practical project. Our “4-week projects” focus on implementing a few specific skills and theories (relevant to the current project) which are also practiced during smaller exercises in class.


Our classes and projects are structured, however, there is lots of room for creativity, self-expression and for our learners to really engage in subject matter that they are interested in. We love teaching our learners how to think creatively, critically and solution find.


What to expect from our classes:


·        At least one theoretical art skill which matches the current 4-week project per class.

·        On small artwork/worksheet or practical implementation session of the theoretical skill mentioned above per class.

·        A project that spans a 4-week period. Each week learners will work on the project in class and receive instructions on what to do on their project during the week. The project (main artwork) is completed during class in the 4th week.

·        All the materials required for the project as well as the mini exercises are included in the price.


Our educators are passionate, highly skilled individuals who wish to foster a safe, creative environment. We love inspiring our learners to achieve more then they even believed they were capable of…and we have fun doing it.


The Grade 7-9 Art Class is currently only available to 6 learners per 4-week session.

This class is on Monday’s from 15:00-16:00

The class dates for the upcoming project are:


April 26

May 3

May 10

May 17


This “4-week Project” theme is: Fantasy Landscapes.

Your learner will learn about using different types of line descriptively to create surreal landscapes. We will focus primarily on rhythm and movement created by different types of line as well as on creating depth.


If your child is an artist at heart then we cannot wait to meet them and help them make their amazing ideas a realty.



Some Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What happens if my child misses one of the lessons in the series?

If your learner misses classes because they are ill or have an urgent function they need to attend, then they will be sent digital products containing the class information so that they do not miss out on the lesson. 


2.What happens if we go into lockdown or the lockdown level is increased and classes cannot continue due to COVID19.

If we are already in the middle of a project, the class will be delivered online and so will the information product. If this effects physical things like materials collection then discounts/refunds/vouchers and other adjustments will be made in order to resolve this problem. If the class hasn’t started yet then it may be postponed or cancelled and refunds may apply.


3. Do you offer individual once-off lessons for this age group:

No. We teach real skills at Transform With Art and once-off classes (even though they are fun) do not yield the same results as working though a project. Our projects allow us to re-enforce techniques and build on skills that naturally follow on from one-another.


4. Does my child have to attend every “4-week project”, even if they are not interested in the theme?

No, your learner does not have to attend every “4-week project”, they can skip one if they are going to miss too many sessions. However, it is suggested that learners keep consistently attending because they will get the best results this way. We select themes that will push learner out of their comfort zones and encourage them to try something new. Projects also allow a lot of creative freedom so that learners can express themselves and incorporate their own interests and ideas. Therefore, the theme shouldn’t really factor too much in the decision to attend the class or not.


5. Does the “4-week project” require a lot of time set aside to work on at home?

No, only a little. The “4-week project” is designed in sections so that your learner can take what they learnt in class and apply it by themselves. Having something to work on consistently will help your learner develop their skills faster. Some work will be done on this project in class, however, we want to maximize the class time with our learners to focus on important content and feedback.

Examples of work that will be done at home- planning composition, painting backgrounds, research, brainstorming.


6. Do you offer tutoring?

Yes, we have Friday group sessions available. If your child is already attending art and/or design classes at school or they are working on another project and need assistance they can simply book a Friday session. You can learn more about the Friday session here:


Please note: all learners are required to wear a mask during art sessions and adhere to Covid19 regulations. No “walk-ins or unregistered participants” are allowed entry to the premises.


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Art Class Grade 7-9
Transform With Art @ The Little Melon Studio
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