The Night Of Possibilities

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On Point Waterfront


The Night of Possibilities is an Event that is aimed at re-igniting Love while celebrating the number of Weddings and Corporate Gigs that Simo has hosted. The Event Organizer i.e. Simo well known as Seemorepossibilities would to re-introduce the concept of giving and sharing with the audience but in a very stylish way, most of the people that will attend this event are people who have seen him hosting their Weddings an an MC. Food, Drinks will be served on the Night of Possibilities, the audience will be serenaded with the Live Band, a Vocalist and a Deep House Music Dj.

We will have a short program with a dynamic speaker called Richard Grossi, the idea will be to inculcate the Social Cohesion and Diversity culture while inspiring the audience to see beyond the Crisis. Simo "Seemorepossibilities" will be facilitating the program.

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The Night Of Possibilities
On Point Waterfront
Signal Rd, Point, Durban, 4001
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