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Wed Apr 21, 18:00 - Wed Apr 21, 19:15


As we march on to the next month, we are excited to near our April event for FF Cape Town – if all goes well, we might be seeing you sooner, rather than later (on location and not online - fingers crossed).

We have slowly eased (and made peace) with the volatile nature of business and the progression of the, Digital Era! The fact that individuals are gravitating to digital platforms for their purchases and required services calls for entrepreneurs, founders and business owners to not only hone and own their brands or start-ups’ online presence, but to also be educated in the Do’s and Don’ts of online marketing – to ensure ultimate effectiveness when tailoring messages and digital content, for your target audience.

Let’s get a clearer picture of what Online Marketing is…

Investopedia defines online or digital marketing as the use of the internet, social media platforms and tools, as well as search engines and other channels to promote a product or service – through understanding customer behavior and developing new approaches, which resonates with your target audience. Because Online Marketing is such a highly executed method, it naturally comes with a bit of strong competition, that’s why HONING YOUR ONLINE SKILLS, are so important.

Our April event will provide insights from digital marketing guru’s that will discuss: "Becoming a Tenacious Trending Topic with Digital Marketing". These Pro’s will give you the rundown on the dos and don’ts of how to successfully market your business or brand, online. We might clink G&T’s sooner than you think (we’ll keep you posted). 


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What is Future Females?

Future Females is a global community of female entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and aspiring entrepreneurs who are taking their career into their lives, learning the hard skills to grow in business and the soft skills to drive it. Our mission is to accelerate the success of aspiring and existing female entrepreneurs – to provide an environment where females can connect, and access the key resources (mentorship, funding, education) needed to succeed!

We are pro-women, not anti-men. Men are always welcome! This is an inclusive event.

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