Art, Craft and Design Coaching Sessions

Fri Apr 23, 08:00 - Fri Jun 25, 17:30
Transform With Art @ The Little Melon Studio


Have you started an artwork or creative project and then just been unable to finish it because you got stuck? Or maybe you bought all the things you needed for it but just never got started. Instead of letting your creative materials and inspired ideas go to waste, why not just join us for one of our Friday sessions? We love helping people (just like you) make their ideas a reality.

Our expert art, craft and design coaches have skills in a variety of artistic fields and will work with you individually to help you make your project a success.

 These sessions are for you if:

·        You love art, design and crafts and want to work on your own unique projects with the help and guidance of a creative coach.

·        You have incomplete projects that you would like to finish but haven’t because you feel stuck or demotivated.

·        If you have bought all the materials for a project but haven’t started it.

·        If you have bought kits and want to use them but find them difficult to use or find the instructions confusing.

·        If you have ideas and visions for art, design and craft pieces but are not sure how to make them a reality.

·        If you want to improve your art, design and craft skills in various areas.

·        If you are a high school learner that takes art and/or design and you need help with your practical work.

·        If you are a high school learner and you want to improve your practical skills in art, craft and design fields.

·        If you are a high school learner who has a very arty assignment and requires some guidance.

·        If you need a relaxed environment and space to work in.

And this is definitely for you if you would like to meet fellow creatives and become part of our creative community.

So if any of these sound like you… we would love to meet you in our Friday sessions.

We have 5 sessions every Friday:

Early Bird: 08:00- 9:30

Mid-morning: 10:00-11:30

Lunch Time: 12:0-13:30

Afternoon: 14:00-14:30

Late Afternoon: 15:00-16:30

Only 6 slots are available for each session. This is to ensure that Covid regulations are adhered to AND so that we can give you the individual attention we promised!

Each booked session costs R120.

No materials are included in this price.

…and if you are looking at the price and wondering how it could be possible that professional tutoring could cost so little… well, here is the reason:

Transform With Art’s Vision is to encourage creativity and skills development in South Africa. This specific service has been created to help people- just like you- have access to professionals who are passionate about creative industries and who have their student’s well-being at heart. These sessions can be booked as and when you need them.

So let's get CREATIVE! Are you in?

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

1.      Which arts/crafts and design projects CANNOT be accommodated?

At the moment we do not have the capacity for woodwork and furniture making, print making requiring a printing press, various metal work (excluding wire art), digital arts, cement and stone sculptures, ceramic and sculptural arts requiring a kiln to fire them, professional photography, airbrushing and spray painting and jewelry making. If you are concerned that your specific project may not be supported send us an email via our website.

 2.      Which arts and crafts are welcome?

All drawing mediums, all painting mediums (except spray-paint), all papercrafts, scrapbooking, small airdrying sculptures (clay and papier mâché), model building, mosaic, sewing, fabric painting, hand printing, carving, glass painting, upcycling projects and eco art projects, school projects, foil art, decoupage and similar. If you are concerned that your specific project may not be supported send us an email via our website.

 3.      Can I bring my own music with to listen to?

Yes absolutely- as long as you have an offline version that does not require streaming and you listen to it through headphones that does not bother others around you.

 4.      Does The Little Melon Studio have free WIFI?

No. These sessions were created to help you access creativity and have a break from technology. We aim to have as few distractions in this environment as possible and we prefer it when devices are on silent or off.

 5.      Do I have to bring all my own materials to the session?

Yes, there are a few limited materials available incase of emergency but these do not include specialized paints, canvas, glues etc.

 6.      I cannot stay for the full time, does that mean I have to miss the session?

Definitely not. You can stay for up to your allotted hour and a half, if you need to leave early to fetch the kids or come late after a meeting that fine. We do ask that if you are not staying for the full session that you arrive or leave with as little disruption as possible.

No mask, no entry to the venue.

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Art, Craft and Design Coaching Sessions
Transform With Art @ The Little Melon Studio
2 Melon Ave, Wilro Park, Roodepoort, 1724
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