Episode 2 ~ Activate your Creative HeART through Mindfulness (video)

Fri Mar 12, 09:00 - Fri Dec 31, 23:00


In this 2nd episode of "Activate your Creative HeART!" We explore Mindfulness as a means of switching from a left brain orientation to the right brain. I explain the difference between left and right brain functions and debunk the belief that if you are left brain dominant that the right brain is not accessible for development.

In todays Creative exercise we explore a simple but colourful doodle. Doodling is a recognised art form and some artists create complex and amazing art with this method. We will do a very simple doodle and try to become mindful of that instant when we switch over to our right brain and enjoy the present moment through simple line drawing. 

In this series, I take you on a creative journey to explore creativity outside of the normal expected art studio. People tend to confuse creativity with artistic skills and techniques, and distance themselves from any type of creative practice with a limiting belief that art making or having a creative practice is therefore only reserved for a talented few.

As a creatively fit coach I am here to show you a different reality. I am here to activate your creative heart by reminding you that you are a creative being, and creativity is part of your human blueprint.

With these few episodes I take you on a visual and experiential journey to help you to activate your Creative HeART. When you try out these simple creative tasks, you will discover the joy of being creative, how easy it flows when you allow it, and how wonderful you feel afterwards.

I hope to help anyone who feels that something is missing in their life to discover their creative purpose. I aspire to invite those who has a dream of being more creative, to step into the unlimited flow of creative expression, and to activate those who has a wish that they could paint beautiful artwork.

You could be that person, and if you are looking at this series, that simply confirms it. If you are reading about this series or have seen my invitation to respond, then that is the sign you have been asking for! You are ready to be activated as a Creative HeART. You are ready to become a Life Artist. You are ready to discover the art that is your life, and remember that your life is the canvas of your Soul!

Are you ready? Let's begin! 

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