World Belly Dance Day, Cape Town, 2021

Sat May 8, 11:00 - Sat May 8, 15:00
Gardens Commercial High School


 The Feminine Divine would love to welcome you once again to World Belly Dance Day, Cape Town, on Saturday 8th May 2021.

There will be stunning live bellydance performances by studios from all over the Western Cape.

Variety of food and goods vendors 

Mass group drum solo lesson and performance with Tiffany from The Feminine Divine

All profits raised on the day will be donated to Rape Crisis.

World belly dance day was first conceptualized by Lydia Tzigane with the following in mind:

"Our mission is to unite the initiative of many dancers around the world to celebrate the wonderful art of belly dance as a holiday on the second Saturday in May every year. We got inspired by the idea of holding an event that would serve as a reminder that belly dance is an ART form, a cultural event, a sport, and a social and family entertainment. Belly Dance Day is our way of reaching out and putting our beloved dance form in a nice and different light, by holding an event that would be "family-rated" with all profit going to charity."

The Cape Town celebration of World Belly Dance Day will be hosted by The Feminine Divine for the 12th time this year. All profits raised on the day will be donated to Rape Crisis. 

Please join us in supporting this worthy cause and let us unite hands and hips for the love of the dance.


Saturday 8th May 2021

From 11am to 3pm

Venue: Gardens Commercial High School - Paddock Avenue, Gardens, Cape Town.

Cost: Performers R50

Spectators R80

Spectators under 12 - R50

Vendors fee R350 per stall

We are delighted to host performances by the following studios and independent performers.

WBDD 2021 Program

Performance slot 1 -   11 am to 12:15

1.   Fariha – 1 Baladi

2.   Feminine Divine 1. Makeba

3.   Alive Dance Studio – 1. These Walls 

4.   Alive Dance Studio 2.  This Is 

5.   Black Swan  - Yearning

6.   Northern Lights Belly Dancing Community – Northern Lights

7.   Surika Oriental Dance Solo 1 *

8.   Children Of Isis Group 1  El Mariachi

9.   Nadia’s School Of Belly Dance 1.1 

10.                Nadias school of belly dance 1.2

11.                 Aphrodite Belly Dance Studio – Sasha Khan solo 1

12.                 Aphrodite Belly Dance Studio – Sasha Khan solo 2

13.                 Amirah Arabic Dance Studio 1 Encantadas 

Performance slot 2  - 12:15 to 1:30pm

1.   Goddesses of Dance Group Drum solo

2.   Goddesses of Dance Solo  Bashraf

3.   Nadia’s School Of Belly Dance 2. 1 

4.   Nadia’s School of Belly Dance 2.2

5.   Fariha 2. A thousand years

6.   Feminine Divine 2. Imbokodo Pata Pata

7.   Feminine Divine 3. Tiffany Solo – I wanna Dance

8.   Surika Oriental Dance Solo 2 *

9.   Amirah Arabic Dance Studio 2 Sherazade  

10.                 Children Of Isis Duet 1 SAGE

11.                 Maya Troup Group 1 – Lockdown dance

12.                 Goddesses Of Dance Group 2 – Im Nin

13.                 Children Of Isis Duet 2 Kadioglu

14.                 Goddesses of Dance Solo 2 - Darigh

Performance slot 3 1:45pm to 2:45pm

1.   Dance Descendants Group 1 – Cane

2.   Hip Circle – Natasha Solo

3.   Fariha 3. Drum solo Mirage

4.   Feminine Divine 4. Drum Trio - MOVE

5.   Al Masrah Academy 1. Leanne 

6.   Al Masrah Academy 2. Yasmin 

7.   Al Masrah Academy 3. Beverli 

8.   Maya Troupe group 2 – Spanish Fusion

9.   Children Of Isis Solo - Three sisters

Thank you

Tenille and Tiffany 

The Feminine Divine Oriental Dance Studio

083 760 8499

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World Belly Dance Day, Cape Town, 2021
Gardens Commercial High School
Paddock Ave, CBD, Cape Town, 8000
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