Inspirational Breathwork with Craig Taylor

Sat Mar 13, 14:30 - Sat Mar 13, 16:30


After many requests following our Open Day Breathwork session with Craig Taylor we are excited to reintroduce guided breathwork sessions here at Soul. Craigs’s zest to share the exceptional energies and unlimited benefits of the breath, body and mind are largely rooted in his passion for healing, transformation and the merging of science and spirituality. He has been committed to a mindful breath practice and lifestyle for 11 years.


Breathwork is an inner journey, a powerful and pure modality that releases stored stresses and tensions by opening up blocked patterns of energy, clearing unresolved traumas and awakening the breather to his/ her pure being and essence by simply removing the pauses in the breath pattern.


Saturday 13 March


R375pp via Quicket

10 Surcingle Avenue, Hout Bay


Benefits of Breathwork:

1. Expanded awareness, power and energy

2. Cleanse, detox and restore your body/ mind/ spirit

3. Strengthens and reboots the immune system, endocrine system and the central nervous system by super oxygenating the body

4. Reduces stress, anxiety, addictions and depression

5. Heal suppressed emotions and trauma

6. Greater connection to self and others

7. Increases clarity, joy, creativity, fulfilment

8. Experience deep relaxation, stillness and silence


This Inspirational breathwork session combines both breath awareness (breath observation) and deliberate conscious breathing (breath control) that facilitates a process of self-alignment through self-purification and alchemical transformations in body, mind and spirit.


A conscious, full, open and connected (no pauses) breath is a breathing pattern often referred to as the ‘baby’s breath’ or the ‘original breath’ that serves to open up suppressed parts of the mind/ body as well as limiting breath patterns bringing about expanded states of awareness, deep fulfilment, creativity and freedom from the past, while one’s own inner physician and healing intelligence is activated on a cellular level.

It is a safe space and outlet for the release of repressed energies, previously unexpressed emotions, programs and patterns that no longer serve you, resulting in permanent shifts within yourself.


It aligns and awakens you to the orderly rhythm of life, to the source and core truth of who and what you are… The love, the joy and the peace.

The Fine Print: 

We have a capacity for 15 individuals on our outdoor deck. If the weather turns we will move inside which has a capacity for 8 people on a first come, first serve basis. Reserve your space on Quicket.


Notify us by Friday 12h00 if you are interested in attending.


We kindly ask that you arrive early to be seated by 14h15.


Any Queries?

Whatsapp 061 771 9740 or [email protected]



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Inspirational Breathwork with Craig Taylor
10 Surcingle Ave, Hout Bay, Cape Town, 7806
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