Disrupt Yourself

Tue Apr 27, 08:00 - Tue Jun 1, 11:00


Are you ready to unwrap the nitty gritty and disrupt unhelpful aspects of yourself to get to YOU? DISRUPT YOURSELF!

We were living in an age where we had to do DO more than BE. Most of us have honed the DOING part but not really had time to discover WHO WE ARE. Herein lies the key. The present times have called for a time to be with ourselves, our families, our living partners.

A bird with one wing never takes off. We need both parts to take flight. And for some of us who’ve explored “doing”, rather than “being”, we’re discovering it’s not as easy to rewire ourselves to keep being as genuine as possible, just yet.

We invite you to flow into a transformational inner journey where you disrupt yourself with love, to flourish.

Be brave to discover the underlying layers of yourself that have been hidden, making you feel snug, but gradually poisoning you, making you feel inadequate, somehow, sensing you might not be enough to be who you are meant to be or to accomplish any dream you desire.

You could be good at getting things done, yet miss what lies beneath the surface. You put up an image of yourself you know people would look up to, yet you still feel unfulfilled, OR you may have done the inner work at knowing who you truly are, but aren't so good at getting things done leading you to feel unaccomplished in different areas of your life. Either way, success is not one way, it's all ways, it's 'whole'.

"So how do you get there?"

We have chosen to do this in our online home where we can fully experience our inner workings we so seek in life to become one with ourselves and inner nature. In this space, we are likely to become clearer headed without the battering of push and pulls on us in daily life.

We become braver and live with greater courage in our hearts to dream big, face fears and overcome those areas and patterns that hold us back.

We want this for you, and we hope to get to know you on our “Disrupt Yourself” online home course very soon.

Hosted by Sharon Deal

Tuesdays - 27 April - 1 June - 08:00 - 11:00

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