WIPSA Event: Flourishing during Covid | One organisation's story of growth during 2020

Wed Mar 10, 09:00 - Wed Mar 10, 10:30


Dear WIPSA friends

When Covid hit SA in 2020, many thought it would spell the death of certain non-profit organisations due to significantly reduced funding for various sectors. However, some organisations actually thrived over this time and found that it was the turning point for them in their organisation's journey development. The Ladles of Love feeding scheme was feeding 15 000 meals a month from four soup kitchens a year ago and is now feeding 30 000 meals a day via a network of over 150 community soup kitchens. How did they manage this tremendous growth over a time when so many had to downscale their operations due to a substantial reduction in funding?


Join the next Women in Philanthropy event where Ladles of Love will share how they did this and provide some take-away lessons that you can apply in your own organisation.

Danny Diliberto and Alison McCutcheon from Ladles with Love will be sharing the valuable lessons learnt that allowed their organisation to thrive during a pandemic.

If you wish to network with others please stay on after the meeting for a half-hour optional networking session.

Thank you and please feel free to share the invitation with others.

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