On the Couch with Arise + AfroDaddy - Dad to Dad

Tue Mar 16, 19:30 - Tue Mar 16, 20:30


On the Couch with Arise + AfroDaddy - Dad to Dad

Tuesday 16 March , 7.30-8.30pm

Calling all dads and future dads! Join us for a conversation with Terence Mentor (aka Afrodaddy) around adoption, justice, relationships and how these all tie together in advocating for children and families. Too often the adoption space is dominated with mothers leading the charge when it comes to parenting, information-seeking and conversation. This event is aimed at fathers - to listen, learn and share some of their experiences with the purpose of hearing what the dads have to say. So if you are single, married, unsure still, or already are a father who is considering becoming an adoptive father, this is for you.

Come wrestle with us. 

This conversation will be facilitated by Arise Adoption Support Manager, Alexa Russell-Matthews. Alexa is a social worker with a Master’s degree in Play Therapy who has worked in corporate and clinical settings, including her own private practice, in Mozambique, Gauteng and Cape Town. At Arise she oversees adoption advocacy and helps with the family strengthening and preservation programmes. 

Terence has hosted dialogues in his capacity as a radio presenter, podcast host, blog and articles regarding what it means to be a blended family. He is married to Julie, father to two adventurous boys and as a family are mixed race, both in terms of marriage as well as parenting. Terence will tell you himself that he doesn't have all the answers, but that he welcomes the wrestle in this space.  

*Note: On The Couch events are usually only for members of the Arise Adoption Support group but this one is open!

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