Growth & Fixed Mindset

Sat Mar 6, 09:00 - Sat Mar 6, 13:00


In this workshop I will be unpacking the differences and understanding of a Growth mindset and Fixed mindset. 

We will break down how we see challenges, obstacles, effort, criticism and how to deal with the success of others. 

We will also explain the Circle theory and talk about the circle of influence as well as the circle of concern and how to make better decisions.

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About the presenter:

Lance is a professional staffing consultant in the technology sector with an ISPr qualification and a registered APSO member.

He has a passion for unlocking talents’ in people, focusing on acceleration and self-development in youth. Lance has several years of International experience in talent management, covering Linguistics, IT Technology and Analytic Capital Markets. He finds great reward in seeing the growth in individuals he mentors and the journey that develops thereafter. He also serves as a supporting member to the Women in Tech South Africa Chapter and is currently looking for avenues on how to bridge the gap between exiting graduates and the emerging skilled workforce.


Lance has multiple roles in RE where he serves as the CTO for Releasing Eagles, Mentor Co-ordinator for Cape Town region as well as one of the mentors to four amazing mentees on the programme.

Lastly, he is an extrovert that’s life living and a ten toes down kind of guy, who believes that people come before processes.

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Age restriction No under 13s
Refund policy No refunds


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