Introduction to Power BI

Tue Jul 20, 09:00 - Tue Jul 20, 16:00


Introduction to Power BI


During this full-day training session, you will learn Power BI from the ground up, starting with a little bit of theory before diving into several practical demonstrations covering the full spectrum of the report creation lifecycle. By the end of the day, you will have created your very first Power BI Report and Published it to the Power BI service where you can share it with friends and colleagues.


Some of the steps you will be guided through are

Preparing your data:

Import, cleanse and transform your data using Power Query, Microsoft’s Excel-like data import tool. Power Query supports connections to a large number of data sources and a large collection of transformations to clean and shape the data just the way you need it.

Modelling your data:

The ability to create relationships between table is one of the major differences between Power BI and Excel which allows users to interact with data in new and exciting ways. you will also learn about DAX which is the powerful calculation language behind Power BI.

Visualising your data:

Power BI’s rich set of built-in visuals supported by a growing set of custom visuals allowing users to create stunning interactive visuals that help drive deeper insights into their data.

Publishing your report:

Not only does the Power BI service allow you to share your report with your peers but also includes an amazing set of machine learning tools such as Q&A and quick insights that allow you to interact with your data in ways that you could not have imagined


Using the knowledge you learn in this session, you will return to work with a greater understanding of what Power BI is and the type of problems it can help you solve.



This workshop assumes that you have little experience working with Power BI or other Business Intelligence tools.

Laptop Required: Yes

•   Spec: 4GB; i5; 80 GB ; Windows 8 or greater,

•   Software: Power BI Desktop, this can be downloaded from

•   Subscriptions: yes, Attendees should have a Power BI subscription, you can sign up at

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