The antidote to BoreOut

Thu Aug 12, 12:00 - Thu Aug 12, 13:00


Are you on the road to Boreout? Or maybe a colleague or a team member is?

Here's how to find out:

  1. Do you find yourself attending to personal things while at work?
  2. Do you feel underchallenged or bored while at work?
  3. Do you sometimes act as though you are working — when you actually have nothing to do/are not working?
  4. Are you tired/mentally fatigued in the evening, although (objectively) you did not have any real stress or do very much at work during the day?
  5. Are you, on balance, unhappy with your work?
  6. Do you miss a sense of deeper meaning & value in your work?
  7. Could you actually get your work done quicker than you currently do?
  8. Would you rather do different work but shy away from a job change because you would earn less?
  9. Do you send personal E-mails to colleagues during work time?
  10. Does your work not interest you (or not very much)?

If you answered Yes to four or more of the above questions, Boreout has already struck.

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