Virtual Workshop: Principles of IT leadership 2021

Wed Dec 8, 09:00 - Thu Dec 9, 13:00


Heads of IT have one of the most difficult management roles in a company and are generally unprepared to move from their technology roles to management. 

Great IT leadership is essential in every business. Companies benefit from an executive who can make the most of the industry’s technical advances and motivate people within and beyond the IT department. Technology needs to be the heart of a business, and the CIO must have a place on the board with a voice as loud as any head in the company.

This workshop will examine groundbreaking techniques for developing ideas and plotting a successful technology vision. It will focus on the important leadership role that senior IT executives play within an organisation.

The program is designed for anyone who has responsibility for managing an IT support organization or who is being positioned to manage such an organization.- All levels of IT management experience plus future IT managers.

8 Reasons to attend:

  •   Develop IT leadership skills and build influence
  •   Plan and deliver clear, concise communication to direct, guide and engage employees
  •   Understand what makes an IT leader
  •   Assess how to build and use senior level influence effectively
  •   Examine how IT leaders can use corporate politics to their advantage
  •   Identify your leadership and management style and use it to best effect
  •   Best practices to managing and coaching technology teams
  •   How to shape your leadership brand

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