Women in Stokvels

Sat Mar 6, 10:30 - Sat Mar 6, 12:00
Women in Stokvels - International Women's Day Celebration


Women in Stokvels celebrates International Women's Day by hosting a one-of-its-kind event featuring 3 phenominal women who are challenging the status quo of what Stokvels are and can be.

The theme of the event is to Celebrate, Educate, Inspire and Empower Women in Stokvels.

Traditionally Stokvels were used for groceries, burial or as a means of rotating lump sums amongst the members. However, the wheel is now changing and Stokvels are now being used as a means to creating wealth.

At the forefront of this movement are phenominal women who are pioneering using Stokvels as a means to create sustainable wealth.

  • Palesa Lengolo - Corporative Financial Institution (Bank) and Franchise Stokvel
  • Silindile Leseyane - Property Stokvel
  • Ellen Mokau - Farming Stokvel

Whether you are in a Stokvel or not, this event is a must-attend! Learn from women about how to use the power of Stokvels to create sustainable wealth.

There will be plenty of giveaways, so don't miss it!

The event will be online, the link will be provided once payment has been received.

Additional information

Age restriction Family friendly
Refund policy No refunds


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