ACS #1: FUNdamental FITness CHALLENGE

Mon Feb 22, 05:30 - Sun Feb 28, 18:00


The Actualise CHALLENGE Series is HERE!

Tired? Bored in the house? Need some personal fulfilment? Then inspire yourself and join our Challenge!

ActualiseYOU brings YOU the very first ??Actualise Challenge Series?? for 2021.

Every 2 months we will have a 7-day exercise challenge to push you to your limits and improve your fitness!

HOW does it work?

Each day you will receive a challenge, via SMS or e-mail, that you must complete by the end of the day.

You can join us LIVE and do it with us, or break the challenge up throughout the day.

Our first 7-day Challenge is coming now, 22-28 Feb!


FUNdamentals of FITness. We’re starting with all the basics to get you back on the road to FIT-ting into whatever your heart desires.

Register online for our virtual 1-Week Fitness Challenges here:

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Age restriction Family friendly
Refund policy No refunds

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