Master KG in collaboration with the Ndlovu Youth Choir - Live from Robben Island

Sun Apr 25, 16:30 - Sun Apr 25, 18:00
Robben Island

On Sunday 25 April, Master KG along with the Ndlovu Youth Choir will be performing live from the iconic Robben Island in the lead up to Freedom Day.

The event, featuring two of the biggest acts to emerge from the continent, is dedicated to bring awareness and raise much needed funds for the "Feed Our Crew" initiative and will be live-streamed globally, free of charge. Covid-19 has had a devastating impact on the events community and the often unseen crew that brought so many memorable events to life.

Now, THEY need YOUR help.


Africa Rising is giving a limited number of fans, who have donated to cause (R30 donation = 1 entry), the chance to attend the concert on Robben Island as VIP guests in a safe, intimate setting for an unforgettable music experience. The best part is that your donation will assist in making life better for a community in crisis.

The Prize (valued at R80,000) will include flights, luxury accommodation, transfers, lunch with the artists, a Health Passport (rapid Covid-19 test) and 2 VIP tickets to the live concert on Robben Island.

Full Prize break-down below:

  • 2 VIP Tickets to watch Master KG & the Ndlovu Youth Choir LIVE on Robben Island
  • 3 Course Lunch at Grand Africa Cafe & Beach before the show - hosted by Maps Maponyane
  • 2 Return flights to Cape Town for (for residents residing outside of Cape Town - from JHB / DBN)
  • 5* Accommodation for 2 people for 2 nights (for residents residing outside of Cape Town)
  • Full Covid rapid testing through Health Passport 
  • 2 Return Ferry trips to Robben Island - including refreshments
  • VIP Lounge POD on Robben Island for the duration of the show
  • Africa Rising Merchandise

To stand the chance to win, donate a minimum of R30 (the more you donate, the more entries you get).

Visit for more information on how to join the movement and win BIG!

Winners announced weekly in the lead-up to the concert. Under 16's to be accompanied by an adult.

Together, we will rise again!


Contact [email protected] for limited corporate /travel packages available.

A self-taught back room producer with a winning streak is the inspiring story of hitmaker Master KG.He sits on top of the world as one of the most decorated musicians of his generation as a recipient of the coveted continental and African diaspora Afrima 2018 Award for Best Electro and Dance; Afrimma 2019 Award for Best Male Southern Africa; SABC Summer Song 2018 for Skeleton Move; and the Limpopo Music Award for Best House Single for Skeleton Move.

Born Kgaugelo Moagi in Calis village, Tzaneen in Limpopo on 31 January 1996, music proved to be his destiny at an early age, not even the resistance and persuasion of his parents Salva Moagi and Thabo Maponya could steer him in another direction.


A second born of three siblings, Master KG has happy memories of his childhood, notwithstanding the grinding poverty and lack that he stared in the eyes every day. The whole family of seven including his grandmother and a cousin looked up to his mother as a breadwinner, with the little that she made as a waitress at the hotel in town. 

Music fuelled his audacity to dream. Listening to the likes of Bojo Mojo, he was inspired to follow in the footsteps of great music producers. He got some cassettes and recorded music straight from the radio, because there were no smartphones at that time.

He remembers how he never celebrated birthdays, a practice he held on to this day. As a kid Christmas would bring him cheer as his mother would buy them new clothes. His father stayed in Polokwane, two hours from Calis and as such lost valuable family time with them.

His life changed when his uncle John, who worked as a hotel receptionist, bought him a second hand computer on which he could download software that created music. Uncle John sadly passed away five days later in an accident and never got to witness the genius he had set on a path to success.

 ‘My uncle was the first person to believe in my talent. I used to bug him to get me a computer that would enable me to make better music. He encouraged me and would tell people that he could see that I had potential to become something big in music. To this day, I feel like he’s still present. I’m also blessed that some of the big songs I composed such as Skeleton Move were on that computer. I feel like I’m making him proud and he’s happy where he is. He could see that things were not coming together for me and was kind enough to help me out, I will always be indebted to him,’ he shares. 

It was a matter of time before music swallowed up Master KG’s time and interest in school waned. ‘I loved music but didn’t know how to make it. I needed time to focus on learning the computer software and I would often escape at break. Even when I was in class, my mind would be on my unfinished work,’ he reminisces.

When he got to Grade 10 and music took all of his attention. He also needed more time to learn the software, after two years he had mastered his way around it and by the time he was in Grade 12. His mother’s unrelenting pleas to concentrate on school work fell on deaf ears. The pressure of performing at weekends and becoming the school’s celebrity got so much that he dropped out of school to become a full time musician. He had become a common feature in taverns, at shops in town and wherever merry was made. He hadn’t cracked radio yet, but his music spread across the region.

While he was booked to perform almost every weekend he had a business lesson to learn. He was hiring a sound system from a man who would take 50% of his earnings, and he still had to pay his team, in the end it didn’t make business sense. It wasn’t until he realised that he could still get gigs without providing the sound, instead leaving that task to promoters. This unlocked his full potential and he made a decent living.

Bigger things were to come when he met Open Mic record label in 2017 after they’d heard of the wunderkind from Calis who was setting dance floors alight. At that time, Master KG had Situation, a hit single out that was played extensively including on radio, during the festive season of 2016 when Molao Rammala from Open Mic offered him a deal.

Situation was a backroom production that was not mastered and presented the raw talent Master KG had that needed a bit of polishing. And polish till it sparkled they did, Situation was properly mastered and rereleased with new elements and a video for it was shot. It gained wider popularity across Limpopo. 

In 2018 he revisited Skeleton Move that he composed in 2016 on the computer his uncle John gifted him. They roped in sultry Zanda Zakuza for vocals and a voila, a smash hit was birthed. ‘When I first listened to it I knew it was a hit. I had a lot of belief in it, it was short, simple and catchy,’ says Master KG. Skeleton Move went on to earn him prestigious awards, staggering sales and a place in the local music industry as a force to be reckoned with.

More were to come with the scorcher Waya Waya featuring Team Mosha.  

And the release of Jerusalem, a gospel tinged dance hit with a touch of house featuring Nomcebo Zikode. The hit single Jerusalema has got the whole world on its feet and sent it on a dance craze. The video has clocked over 76 Million views on YouTube, number one on Apples charts across the world and currently is sitting on number two on Shazam global top 100. The Jerusalema Remix‘ featuring Africa’s giant Burna Boy has taken the brand to another level and show cased African great talent conquering the world.

What’s more? Master KG produced the beat for Thank You Mr DJ for DJ Tira featuring Joocy, showing his versatility and growing influence.

‘It’s a dream come true, priceless,’ he reflects. ‘Even when you win all these awards the feeling doesn’t expire. You ask yourself, ‘is this really me, God is great’. I never forget my team. They always make things happen. I wouldn’t be able to do these things on my own.’

The common thread in Master KG’s music would seem to be ‘the journey’ or ‘making your way’. 

He agrees: ‘Life is a journey, you stop when you die. You have to go through the stages of life and keep it moving.’

He has a rare talent of emotion and combining spiritual persuasion with dance music.

Music has presented Master KG and his family a better life. He has built his mother a house in Calis, where she will stay with his grandmother. His mother has become his number one fan after seeing the vision his son manifesting. 

‘The story of my life is that it doesn’t matter where you come from, everything is possible as long as you believe in yourself. You make come from deep villages, do not mind criticism, keep chasing your dream. It might not happen today, but it will eventually happen. The type of music I make and where I come from didn’t stand a chance but look at the grace of God,’ he shares.

With a cool head, appreciating the simple things in life and making hits non-stop, Master KG is well on the way to becoming a national treasure. He doesn’t let fame control him, whether he is in Accra, Ghana picking up an award or gracing the stages of Texas in the US, he remains a village boy who puts God first.

For media interviews, photographs and more information please contact: 0812848965

Social media handles

Instagram: @masterkgsa

Twitter: @MasterKGsa

Facebook: Master KG SA Music

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Age restriction Family friendly
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Master KG in collaboration with the Ndlovu Youth Choir - Live from Robben Island
Robben Island
Robben Island, 7400
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