GLS60 with Vanessa van Edwards

Wed Mar 10, 13:00 - Wed Mar 10, 14:00


GLS60 - A 60 minute Leadership Boost with Vanessa Van Edwards

Vanessa Van Edwards will explore the science of personality diving into how you can better predict behavior, fix communication problems and build stronger, deeper relationships. Specifically she will be speaking about personality traits and how we can better understand one another and honour these traits in each other. They are OPENNESS, CONSCIENTIOUSNESS & NEUROTICISM.

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Amidst doubt, questions, frustration, and unknowns, do you ask yourself how to move your team from here toward a better future? Maybe you’re asking questions like: 

  • How do I keep everyone together? 
  • How do I empower the best in those around me? 
  • How do I battle my insecurity as a leader? 
  • How do I fix the communication problem on my team? 
  • How do I make sense of what’s happening in our world? 
  • How do I stay sharp? 
  • How will I know if what I’m doing is working… if it’s meaningful?

Our GLS60 events are designed to assist you with some of these challenges.

Our incredible faculty will deliver you inspiration and direct application from their latest research and experiences, helping you thrive with clarity of vision and new energy.

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Age restriction Family friendly
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