Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCS) Masterclass Online/Virtual

Fri Mar 19, 13:00 - Fri Mar 19, 15:00
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Bitcoin Events, in partnership with the Global Policy House, brings you an exciting new high-level dialogue on Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). The Masterclass will be part of the Blockchain Africa Conference 2021. 

The potential implications of a CBDC to transform various economies monetary, financial and payment structures are being evaluated all across the world. In this Masterclass, we dig deeper into what this means for the continent of Africa with an introduction into CBDCs and potential markets for delivery in Africa – the world’s largest and rapidly expanding single market.

The Masterclass will be delivered by a mix of global professionals who will carefully walk you through elements of Global Policy House‘s CBDC 4 point journey of Discovery, Design and Develop, Deliver highlighting the opportunities and challenges of CBDCs.

The event hosted by Bitcoin Events in partnership with Global Policy House


This Masterclass is highly recommended for central bankers, government leads, payments and financing institutions wanting to understand the phenomenon of Central Bank Digital Currency.


What is the future of money in a world that is shifting rapidly and embracing a new digital economy?

What are the opportunities for African economies and emerging markets in this new The Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) in a global pandemic environment to leverage digital currency for growth and resilience?

This high-level Masterclass will be an “Introduction to CBDC: To CBDC or Not” aimed at individuals new to CBDCs.

Topics of the Masterclass will include:

  • Highlight the opportunities of CBDCs to revamp payments in Africa
  • What are the various reasons that central banks may introduce their own digital currencies?
  • Can CBDCs create currency stability on the continent?
  • Can CBDCs help support the implementation of AfCFTA?
  • What are the opportunities for African businesses and the population in implementing CBDCs?
  • What are the challenges and how far are we from adoption of digital currencies?

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