WuJi Gong - Tai Chi for Enlightenment Workshop

Sun Mar 7, 09:00 - Sun Mar 7, 17:00
Namaskar Wellness Hub


WuJi Gong or Tai Chi for Enlightenment is a form so magical that almost anyone who does it has profound feelings of deep soul centering and expanded chi flow. These can best be described as enlightenment experiences. More incredible, it doesn’t go away, but gets better with practice. Repeat practice of the form deepens the blissful sense of peace, the feeling of returning to your true inner self.

Learn the original 800 year old lineage form of Chang San Feng, the 13th century founder of Tai Chi. This 15 minute form is easy to learn, yet uniquely powerful. It’s totally different from Tai Chi martial or soft “health” styles taught today. Its ancient name was “WuJi Gong”. It literally means “develops skill for entering the Supreme Mystery”. It is often translated as “Primordial Qigong” or “Primordial Tai Chi”.

This form gradually dissolves all the physical and karmic layers of tension in both your physical and Energy Body. It ultimately opens up a profound inner space inside your body, where your Original Spirit, the “face of your soul before you were born”, can reveal itself. This inner space is called “WuJi” (Supreme Unknown).


Date: Sunday 7 March

Time: 9:00am–5:00pm

Venue: Namaskar Wellness Hub, Lonehill, Johannesburg

Investment (includes vegan/vegetarian lunch): R950 per person, or R850 per person when booking for 2

What to bring: Yoga mat, blanket, pillow, water bottle

Enquiries and bookings: contact Robyn on 079 356 9639


Experiences of Students:

"Pearl of Great Price: The Deepest Practice I've Found.

After 25 years of intense study and practice using vedic formulas, Hindu pujas, Gurdjeiff methods of cosmology, kriya yogic pranayamas, advanced sanskrit mantras, I have never found any method that produces the effect in such a short time as WuJi Gong /tai chi for enlightenment. For me, the effects are observable on all levels; from an obvious realignment of events in life around me (way beyond what anyone could consider to be coincidence), to dramatically enhanced physical energy and an intimate attunement with the body; to a deep opening of the energy/spiritual body."

(Martin Wuttke, Founder and Director NeuroTherapy Centers for Health)

"Just Amazing! Totally in a Class of its Own

I have practiced Chen style taiji, 24, 42 and 48 style standardized forms, two different styles of bagua zhang. I found the Tai Chi for Enlightenment form is the most completing and satisfying form I have ever encountered and totally in a class of its own. I look forward to, and love to practice it! For meditation, it is just amazing, and has brought me intuitive guidance in areas I would have never imagined. It creates a deep sense of balance and harmony within my body and even my environment that I feel throughout the day."

(C. Dewreede, Vancouver BC)


Who may practice it?

Any age, race, sex or religious group. No previous training in any form of Tai Chi, Chi Kung, or meditation is required. Both the sick and weak as well as healthy and strong benefit from it. The amount of space needed is minimal. Nor is it limited by the weather such as cold or hot, rainy or windy, unlike most Tai Chi and Chi Kung forms.

Although the form is designed for Enlightenment, it has many beneficial medical effects. Dr. Zhu Hui who originally introduced the form to the west had a major clinic in China and used it to treat more than ten types of chronic diseases, especially heart diseases and high blood pressure, and for people with weak kidneys or chi deficiency.

This form is also recommended to Seniors who might injure their knees with more vigorous forms. This form puts no stress on the physical body, and uses easy weight shifts and balanced movements to activate the Energy Body. Few seniors are interested in martial applications anyway, and will find more joy and grace in these movements. Seniors are also at a time in their life when they seek completion, and this form helps to achieve a sense of internal completion.

This form is amazingly easy to learn. It is so simple to practice you literally don’t even have to think. This “not thinking” state is also one of the prerequisites to allowing your own Enlightenment process to naturally unfold!

The design of this very simple to learn form incorporates every aspect of Tao theory: Yin-Yang body channels, 5 Elements vital organ and seasonal cycles, feng shui (directionology) of the 8 Trigram forces (Pakua), water and fire alchemy, the 10 Heavenly Stems and 12 Branches of the Chinese calendar, body-spirit and microcosm-macrocosm resonance, Taoist sexual-numerology, jing-chi-shen-wu stages of inner alchemy, tai chi body movement principles, Original Chi -Tai Chi -Wuji cosmology. It is truly amazing how much is packed into one tiny little form!

This once secret Tai Chi form can be considered one of the crown jewels of China’s spiritual development, the result of generations of previous Tao masters focusing deeply on developing a practical science of change.


Your facilitator

Robyn Engelbrecht, founder of Living Alchemy, has been on a dedicated spiritual and wellness path for over 12 years. Out of her own journey of embodiment and recovering her own health, has arisen her deep passion for supporting others on this journey. The focus of her teaching is on Taoist Inner Alchemy, Cellular Detoxification and Regeneration, and the Sacred Feminine Healing Arts.

Robyn is currently the only certified WuJi Gong instructor in South Africa, having received the WuJi Gong transmission from Andrew Kenneth Fretwell, direct lineage holder and founder of www.wuji-gong.org, a dedicated worldwide community committed to the practice and teaching of WuJi Gong around the world.

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