An Invitation - Territory of Play

Wed Nov 18, 17:30 - Wed Nov 18, 20:30
The Labia Theatre
Territory of Play: The Geography  of Children’s Gestures and Conversations with Education
You are invited to an unusual and important screening at the Labia cinema:

Address: 68 Orange St, Gardens, Cape Town

Date: Wednesday 18th  November 2015
Time: 5:30 pm
  • First film: 90 minutes
  • Break
  • Second film: 25 minutes
This exquisite feature length film (90 min) is the result of a 21-month-long journey through the vast geography of children’s gestures in the most diverse settings in Brazil. It embraces children’s play as a narrative, and tells a silent story, opening your eyes to the rich landscape of childhood.
This is followed by a 25 minute documentary of educators and partner schools sharing how the research in the various communities affected their way of seeing  children, of understanding children's gestures and the role of spontaneous play - a reflection on education and schooling.
Feedback from viewers on the documentary Territory of Play – Conversations with  Education
‘Oh how I missed those clever villages we built as children…The simplicity of pure childhood play…the greatest privilege of all. Thank you for sharing”
‘A summary of  a childhood worth living, an adulthood worth giving – of all I’ve loved and learned from my work & play & caretaking of children & all that I hope for future generations’
‘The joy of childhood was re-awakened again and again minute by minute. This should be obligatory watching for every Education Department in the world’
‘So inspiring…the simplicity of just letting children play in freedom! At first I felt stretched, worried about safety, then listening to the teacher’s questions and observations and responses was so astute and wonderful.’
‘I was struck by how completely absorbed the children were…how completely present they are in everything they do, they live it fully!
‘It was inspiring! As a parent, it made me reflect on what we do in our daily lives that impact on  our children. In addition, it made me think about the importance of free play and the importance of letting children be. ‘

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An Invitation - Territory of Play
The Labia Theatre
68 Orange St, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa
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