Thinking Environment® for Women

Thu May 27, 09:00 - Thu May 27, 10:15
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A Thinking Environment for Women® 

Women thinking with women - women empowering women! 

What is Time to Think® all about? 

“The quality of everything we do depends on the quality of thinking we do first.”

Nancy Kline, founder of Time to Think

The single most important factor in whether or not you can think well for yourself is how you are being treated by the people with you while you are thinking.

Nancy Kline, the founder of Time to Think,  has identified ten behaviours or ten ways of being, that so far seem to have the most powerful impact in igniting the best independent thinking in people.  Adopting even one of them will improve the thinking of the people around you. 

The Ten Components have become known as:  Attention, Equality, Ease, Appreciation, Encouragement, Feelings, Information, Diversity, Incisive Questions and Place.

In the Thinking Environment® for Women 

·      you will empower yourself and others to think independently,

·      you will reclaim your ability to think for yourself,

·      you will learn to trust your intelligence, 

·      you will experience generative attention and transformative listening,

·      you will unlearn the diehard habit of listening to reply vs listening to ignite.

“Thinking for ourselves is a radical act of self empowerment.”

Trisha Lord, Consultant, Facilitator and Coach

Sessions will be held monthly. R160 per session.

I look forward to thinking with you!

With warm regards and appreciation,

Sibylle Sharon

Consciousness Coach and Trainer

Time to Think Coach and Facilitator

iEQ9 Accredited Enneagram Practitioner

Accredited Yin Teacher (Yoga Alliance International)

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