Thursday Expressions

Thu Feb 4, 18:30 - Thu Feb 3, 19:30

Event is online


#ThursdayExpressions are a drop-in movement meditation class facilitated by an Expressive Movement facilitator. In this hour-long class, your facilitator will guide you to follow your body’s way through an Expressive Movement Wave using a bespoke Dj’d set. 


These weekly classes have been hosted since Expressive Movement’s conception in 2009 and are home to a growing community of dancers’ regular, movement meditation practice.


Join us online to dance in real time every Thursday at 18:30pm SAST (16:30 UTC). All are welcome. No previous experience is needed. We were made to dance.


Investment: R60 Scholarship Rate/ R100 Full Exchange/ R140 Sponsoring you and a Scholarship dancer

Platform: Zoom (After registering, you'll receive an e-mail confirmation with the relevant login details.)


By registering you commit to our core agreements of:

1.    Participation: We are here to dance. No spectating please. Stay present, stay in the room, stay in movement. Modify your movement "volume" according to your energy needs. Movement can be super small and detailed or big and bold and everything in-between. There is no right or wrong way to dance.

2.    Video on: Just like on an in-person dance floor, we want to feel and connect with everyone. If you don't want to be on screen, direct your camera at something else in your dance space - a picture on the wall, some flowers, a candle.

To find out more about Expressive Movement, to meet your dance facilitators and to stay informed about other Expressive Movement offerings, visit our website and follow us on Instagram and Facebook. See you on the dance floor!


Read further if you are looking to dance with a pod group:


To honour our community connections you are encouraged to reach out before we dance and form a pod group of 3-5 people, friends or family, that will join you in the dance. You can choose whether you dance together in-person or whether you dance together online. 


When choosing to dance in-person, do negotiate sufficient space and determine optimal conditions that will support all of you to feel safe and able to drop into your meditation with ease.


Ready yourselves and your dance space at least 15 minutes before the start of class. Please ensure you have a clear dance space and that your time will be interruption free. Turn off your mobile phones, close all open apps on your computer and communicate to those in your living space that you will be in meditation for the next 60 minutes. Wear comfortable clothing and remember to keep a bottle of drinking water nearby.



Once the music starts, agree with your pod group if you are in-person that you are entering meditation and will refrain from talking. If you are dancing with your pod group online send a little message or signal wishing each other a nourishing dance.



At the end of the class, if you are dancing in-person, gather in circle, place your candles in the centre and take time for a round, allowing each person to say something or to be held beyond words if they don’t feel to speak, (if you feel you need to, set a timer for between 1 and 3 minutes each). The one who is speaking is honoured through the listening of the rest of the circle. There is no need to ask questions, counsel or respond to what is shared. This group is like a universal ear for all to hear what is spoken. Whatever is shared is a part of our collective experience.


If you are joining online with your pod, you will be invited to join the virtual circle at the end of class with everyone dancing online, after which you can check in with your pod group in whatever way you decide.


Nurturing connections:

If dancing in this pod group works for you, set up the next time you will dance/ connect. Forming this as an ongoing in-movement support group might be just what is needed.


Please feel free to reach out if you have any thoughts, ideas or questions or would like to share more about your dance experiences.

Yours in community