Wednesday 1K Challenge - 27 January

Wed Jan 27, 20:30 - Wed Jan 27, 21:30


You're just a few answers away from winning R1000!

Put your brain power to the test by taking on the Wednesday 1K Challenge by Rayder Media - an online general knowledge quiz hosted weekly by renowned broadcasters Derek Alberts and Tyron Barnard.

If you're better than the rest, we'll make your day by giving you 1K!

The quiz is conducted via Zoom on your pc, while making use of the Kahoot! app on your phone.

Download both programs and you'll be ready to roll!

R100 ensures your ticket for one household/Zoom link - so the whole family can join in on the fun, as long as they're competing via one zoom monitor. OR take advantage of our Early Bird special - book early and you will get 50% off!

It's fun.

It's exciting.

It's rewarding.

And it all takes place from the comfort of your own home.

Book now to get a step closer to winning R1000.00!. Weekly!

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