Adapt your thinking and improve relationships with family, friends and co-workers - [FREE] seminar

Thu Apr 15, 16:00 - Thu Apr 15, 17:00
Online via Zoom


Communication is critical to build relationships and make connections. 

We strive for harmony and our intentions are always to communicate with clarity.

But it doesn't always happen. We miscommunicate, misunderstand, misdirect. 

It is possible to improve communication, by understanding that the way we think is the starting point for everything we do.

In this free seminar you will learn how different thinking styles see the world and how that influences the way each communicates.

We use the world-renowned NBI® brain profiling system to:

  • Discuss different thinking styles and how that impacts communication
  • Identify communication styles based on the type of questions people ask.
  • How to adapt communication to build better connections

If we can improve our communication, we can improve our relationships. 

About the presenter

Elmien Riley is a transformational coach who helps middle to senior managers achieve their goals and level up, by unblocking hidden mindsets and providing additional tools to plot the future. 

She is a certified Rapid Transformational Therapist as well as a NBI® practitioner. Elmien has an MBA and honours degrees in Communication and Industrial Psychology.

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Age restriction Family friendly
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