THE500 | 24hr Cycling and Spinning Challenge | 2021

Sat Oct 30, 11:00 - Sun Oct 31, 11:00
Stellenbosch Flying Club

THE500, a bi-annual Distance For Difference (D4D) event, was successfully held for the first time in 2013. Along with the events of 2015, 2017 and 2019, more than R2.2 Million was raised for various children's charities. See the "Beneficiaries" tab for a list of 10 children's charities who will benefit from the 2021 event. In this fifth installment, now at a new location, the Stellenbosch Flying Club, the aim will be to have fun, to challenge cyclists and spinners and to raise at least R500,000! Sign up as an individual cyclist or spinner or as a team (schools, organisations and businesses are welcome) for one of the categories, and make an impact with D4D.

In 2020, the NH Hotel Group, closed the doors of NH The Lord Charles Hotel. With that a very successful partnerships between them and D4D came to an end. The 1st video below was compiled as a "Thank You" to them. It will give you a good overview of the event over the years. Also have a look at the 2nd video, which is a more detailed overview of the event that took place in 2017. The 3rd video is the launch video for 2021 THE500.

Hi there

It is my privilege to welcome you to or welcome you báck to, the Distance For Difference (D4D) family. D4D's journey started on 26 December 2004 and since 2013, when the first THE500 was held, it quickly became a very special event. Over the last four THE500's (2013, 2015, 2017 and 2019) we have experienced how wonderful, inspiring, hard-working, and self-sacrificing people and a number of businesses came together to give freely of their time, talents and energy to plan and execute an amazing event. We have been blessed with so many memorable moments over the years. We trust that the 2021 event will be another occasion to remember, despite the dark cloud of Covid-19 hanging over all of us, making the hosting of such an event, a whole lot more complicated.

Due to the devastating effect of Covid-19 on the economy, many of the businesses that sponsored for example signage, food for our riders, sound and media, chairs, cutlery, etc., have closed down or will not be able to sponsor the event like they had in the past. We are indeed looking forward to several miracles! We are asking a lot, but our organising committee has again been blessed with a number of angels and with our trust in God, we are looking forward to what is to come!

With the closure of the 5-star The NH Lord Charles Hotel, where the previous four events were hosted, we are now moving to a new venue. No, it is not 5-star, and we will not experience all the comfort and many "extra's" we had at the hotel, but the team at Stellenbosch Flying Club has the same "5-star hearts" we've experienced over the years at the hotel! We want to thank Anton Theart and his team for sponsoring the venue and their willingness to give THE500 a new home!

Please know this: It's people like you who make a difference! You are about to enter a "giving-back-event". THE500 is in the first place not about the individual, the prestige of completing a challenge, personal gain, a medal, or admiration from others, but about giving of yourself, the money you have been blessed with or simply your support. It is about the collective effort of a community that will result in a lasting impact on the lives of many vulnerable children in desperate need of loving care, parental guidance, a good education, physical protection or simply one nourishing meal a day.

Thank you for joining us! We truly appreciate you! (Please follow us on Facebook)

Yours faithfully

Stéphan PieterseD4D Chairman and FounderChief People Officer, Pragma

The following 10 Children's Charities will benefit from the funds raised via the 2021 THE500:

1. Patch Helderberg (video) (website)

2. Esther van Zyl Foster Home (video)

3. Heartlands Baby Sanctuary (video) (website)

4. Tzadokah Foster Home (video)

5. Hagar's Choice (video) (website)

6. Sylvia's House Foster Home (video)

7. Little Angels (video) (website)

8. Heaven's Gate Ministries Foster Home (video)

9. Gabriella Centre (website)

10. Kingdom Kids Day Care (video)

For any information regarding entries, donations or sponsorships, please e-mail Tacia Roux at [email protected] or contact her on 082-415-5595

Do you need more information? For any information regarding entry options, donations or sponsorships, please e-mail Tacia Roux at [email protected] or contact her on 082-415-5595. Important: The safety of our event participants and visitors will always be the priority of the organising committee. All the necessary Covid-19 protocols will be followed and the necessary communication, dependent on the restrictions closer to the time of the event, will be communicated to all parties.In terms of the spinning, there will only be 25 spinning bikes available (compared to previous years' 40) and they will be spread out in one of the hangars at The Stellenbosch Flying Club. Good ventilation will also be ensured by opening the large (hangar) doors on both sides. In case the event (or part of it) can no longer take place due to Covid-19 restrictions and the event (or part of it) needs to be cancelled, ticket buyer's can choose whether they want to donate the ticket fee to Distance For Difference (D4D) or rather receive a refund (equal to the amount D4D received from Quicket after they have charged their admin fees). In such an event, you can request a refund from Tacia Roux at [email protected]

Additional information

Age restriction Family friendly
Refund policy No refunds


THE500 | 24hr Cycling and Spinning Challenge | 2021
Stellenbosch Flying Club
R44, Stellenbosch NU, Stellenbosch, 7600
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