Gone Grill - Short Film



When their braai goes missing our daring, flip flop wearing detectives, must survive the flames of their neighbours as they unearth where t it has disappeared to.

When two friends wake up, after a heavy night of drinking, to their braai missing they start visiting neighbours to see if they might have seen it. To their amazement, they discover that the whole neighbourhood has lost their braais. After a power struggle and an argument between the two of them, they pinpoint the one English "tannie" in the neighbourhood as the thief. Only to reveal that she has been hiding the braais to protect her image amongst her book club.

We're a group of students from City Varsity in Cape Town. Studying BA Film & Television Production. Aiming to use our final year end film to be the cause of humour in this time of the plague. We hope to provide you with quality feelings of joy and long lasting memories of laughter. Hopefully our film will remind you of your days of studying and partying. May we be a sparkle to you in this hour of need.

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