Painting in the park with Gideonslight 1

Sun Feb 28, 09:00 - Sun Feb 28, 14:00
Pretoria Botanical gardens

NOTE: This event is intended as a small group of maximum 10 people so that Covid-19 protocols can be adhered to. No mask no entree. Please maintain social distancing. If you feel sick or show any symptoms please cancel and request a refund. Thank you.


Are you looking for a fresh creative experience? Join me on a creative expression painting journey in the open fresh air of the Botanical gardens in Pretoria!

This creative painting class will expand your awareness to realise that we are all "life artist" and that your life is the canvas of your Soul!

Do you wish you could paint but believe you can't even draw a stick figure? Do you watch other people paint and wish you could do the same? Are you drawn to the sacred language of symbolism and colour? Then this class is for you!

In this 1st workshop for 2021, happening on Sunday 28th of February, we will paint a Dreamcatcher! Join us for a very activating in-person workshop, where we will guide you to embrace your dreams at the portal your Soul ~ the canvas. By the end of this workshop you will dream with confidence and boldly declare: "I am a Dream Catcher!"

Hi, my name is Gideon Busquét-Craucamp AKA Gideonslight. I am a certified Creatively Fit Coach and artist. I offer "Painting Made Easy" workshops that empower people to creatively express themselves at the canvas, and at the same time experience the incredible insight and personal growth one can experience in this colourful and fun sessions offered in the beautiful natural setting of the botanical gardens of Pretoria.

With each class, happening once a month, we will explore one sacred symbol at the canvas and discover what its message is for you in the moment, while I will guide you step by step through each layer of the painting process from beginning to end.

No previous art skills or techniques are required to attend or benefit from the class, just a willingness to be open to a creative process of playful expression at the canvas. Artists are also welcome who are drawn to the class intention and content.

*All art materials for the class are included in the fee (except for your entrance fee at the gate) including: 1x canvas board, acrylic paint, brushes, water container, paper towels, chalk & disposable palette. (Please return brushes after the class!)

*If you do have your own portable easil please bring it with. Otherwise most people paint on the ground by propping the canvas up at an angle with a towel.

*If you have Acrylic paint and brushes you prefer to paint with, feel free to bring your supplies along.

*PLEASE NOTE: This class is not designed for children, however they are welcome but your parental supervision will be required at all times and your children should not be a distraction to other participants. If they are going to paint along it will be full price for each individual attending the class. Ideal minimum age for participants 12 years and older, as long as at least one parent participate in the class.

* Classes can not be bigger than 10 people participating at a time. Please keep a minimum of 2m social distancing at all times. You will be required to wear a Covid-19 face mask and you must sanitize your hands each time you leave and return to the class.

* Class start at 09h00 to 14h00. Please be at the gate by 08h30 to ensure we can move to our designated painting area at 9am. It is difficult to find the spot in the garden if you arrive late and I don't want to run around in the garden looking for participants who arrived late.

* All classes are weather dependent and a full refund will be given if classes have to be cancelled due to extreme weather, rain or unforseen circumstances. Please purchase your ticket through the link provided to ensure your spot and in the case of a refund scenario.

* If you don't show up for the class for what ever reason, or if you do not complete the class, there will be no refund. If you booked and payed but are unable to attend due to illness or testing positive for Covid-19, please stay at home. You will be refunded.

* Please ensure you clean up your area after the class and dispose of any refuse in the refuse bag and place in refuse bins. Keep the park clean!

* We break for lunch at 12h00 to 13h00. You are welcome to have lunch at the Café or bring your own. *The class will wrap up at 14h00.

* For any further information please message me or email me at [email protected]

Please bring the following:

[ ] Picnic blanket, pillows or folding chair

[ ] Old towl you don't mind getting paint on

[ ] 1x refuse bag for ground cover

[ ] Your own snacks, drinks and money for lunch at the coffee shop (or pack your own lunch box)

[ ] Dress comfortably and according to the weather in clothing you don't mind getting soiled. Some paint might get on your clothes! Aprons is a good idea but not essential.

[ ] Hat and sunblock.

[ ] Wetwipes to clean your hands or spills

[ ] Your Covid-19 face mask and hand sanititizer

[ ] An open mind and a receptive attitude to have fun and to create!

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Painting in the park with Gideonslight 1
Pretoria Botanical gardens
2 Cussonia Street, Brummeria, Pretoria, 0184
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