Conservation Conversations with BirdLife South Africa 2021

Tue Jan 19, 00:00 - Wed Dec 15, 00:00


BirdLife South Africa is a firm believer that conservation needs to start with conversation.

We are therefore excited to continue our webinar series ‘Conservation Conversations with BirdLife South Africa’ in 2021!

Starting on 19 January 2021 at 19:00 (CAT), these weekly Tuesday night webinars are hosted through Zoom and bring some entertainment and education to your household as we embrace the new virtual reality that we all find ourselves in thanks to the restrictions brought on by the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Help support BirdLife South Africa to bring these webinars to you by donating via the Quicket collections platform.

Each talk will last approximately 45 minutes with a 15-30 minute Q&A session with our presenters afterwards. These sessions will give you a chance to learn about the incredible conservation work taking place across South Africa, our beautiful birds and where to find them while also sharing some of the conservation success stories which BirdLife South Africa has been privileged to drive.

You can find out more at or visit BirdLife South Africa's social media feeds.

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Age restriction Family friendly
Refund policy No refunds


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