cancelled - SPARK Music & Arts Festival

Sun Dec 27, 10:00 - Mon Dec 28, 16:30
The Island



Ever since Man roamed the planet he sought fire to provide light, warmth and protection against the elements - of which the fundamental powers of everything are based - the states of matter. Relating EARTH to the solid state, WATER to the liquid state, AIR to the gaseous state and FIRE to the plasma state. Fire remains a constant, hypnotic & alluring element that seduces the senses. And finally (though not quantified as an element for its intangible qualities) - the most mysterious of all which transcends the other states - the SPIRIT. The geometry of the 5 elements is the fabric of our physical world and is reflected in our sonic world. Frequencies are geometric patterns that affect matter - and therein lies our connection to music and nature.
The Spirit Train is an epic project built for Afrikaburn – a mutant vehicle which explores the possibilities of sound & light within a mobile design. SPARK Music & Arts Festival is a ‘mid-year’ natural offspring from the experimental community that creates Africa’s regional Burning man event, and provides a fertile platform for creative seeds to be sewn. 

TAKE NOTE: in line with the laws of 'decommodification' there will be no advertising, product-pushing or sponsors related to this event. You are supporting independant artworks & creativity by attending 

THE ISLAND (this is a LEAVE NO TRACE venue) - 

We are extremely privileged and pleased to present this natural wonder to you for this, our first ‘SPARK Music & Arts Festival’, 2015 - brought to you by the creators at Make-Believe & Spirit Train. A nature reserve featuring an ISLAND as our central dance-floor, surrounded by swimming water & mountains - just 45km’s from Cape Town (between Paarl & Stellenbosch) !! Fittingly chosen, both the venue and our project (The Spirit Train) exist with the legacy of conservation in mind.
In keeping with everything we have learnt to respect and the principles that act as guidelines for the ‘burner’ community - it is OUR DUTY and CHALLENGE to treat this particular venue with the UTMOST RESPECT. Although a protected Nature Reserve we are in no way harming the wildlife (they roam up the valley in the case of an event) - however December is fire season in Cape Town and it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to LEAVE ABSOLUTELY NO TRACE during your time at this event !! We encourage RADICAL RESPONSIBLE PARTYING at SPARK !! It is YOU that dictates our future at this venue again … and it truly is a gem !!


The venue boasts a wide stretch of shaded camping under a beautiful, tall canopy of Eucalyptus trees that flank the main festival area. Please take EXTREME CARE in our camping area as it is a HIGH-RISK FIRE ZONE – so fires or open flames are NOT ALLOWED here, and cigarettes are discouraged from the camping area. Camping is free.


After countless years of arranging events where such entertainment can be found, we at The Spirit Train have a collaborative wealth of technical, practical & musical craftsmanship to create an oasis of sound & space for your senses to embrace. We will make use of night and day so your mind can stray. A video-mapping, lighting and fire display by night that will compliment the sheer beauty of this venue during the day. LOBO the Wolf and LOKI the Rhino will be our featured sound sources – LOBO on the Island and LOKI perfectly nestled under a shaded circle of trees. Expect a carefully-crafted landscape of sound over two floors - from dub, funk and experimental beats to the deep 'n twisted house & techno grooves.- breaking the mould for a story to be told.


LOBO the Wolf
LOKI the Rhino
Buggie Nights
Buggalux / Camp Anvil / Foam Box + more TBC

Forward your artwork/installation proposals to: [email protected]


We have a fully-stocked bar (BYO drinks restricted to your car/not within main event area) with Snapscan payment option.
* Divine Energy Sushi
+ more food trucks TBC
* The Little Hattery + more TBC
* Cell-phone Charging Station


LUKE REDFORD – ZURICH (Miteinander Musik/The Lighthouse AB)
NICO SUN – live ZURICH (Arche Musik / The Lighthouse AB)


Felix La-band - live
Ryan Murgatroyd - live
Card On Spokes – live
Loupe Deville - live
Valve State - live
Sadhu Sensi - live
Domenico & Hugo - live
Jed Nery (MC/Beatbox) - live


Sound Sensible (Jhb / Toy-Toy)
Andi Dill (Jhb / Toy-Toy)
Metro Ticket (Jhb / Deeptown)
+ 25 more Djs To Be Announced


There’s the SPIRIT !! (and bring your costumes & mutated lilos)


EARLY-BIRDS: R320.00 (closes 17 November)
DAY PASSES (28th ONLY): R280.00

STRICTLY NO: Alcoholic beverages permitted inside, glass bottles, under 21’s (ID upon request), fires, illegal substances, graffiti, weapons. Right of admission reserved. Participation in the event is entirely at own risk. The organizers accept no responsibility whatsoever for injury, death, loss or damage of any nature to persons, vehicles or belongings, even in the case of negligence. Due care has been taken to make this event safe and secure. Tickets are non-refundable.

PLEASE NOTE: S P A R K is an independent event and is not organised by, or legally affiliated to, AfrikaBurn in any way - other than the event being an independent event for the community to gather and connect.

11 Principles -
Radical Inclusion 
Radical Self-Reliance
Radical Self-Expression
Communal Effort
Civic Responsibility
Leaving No Trace
Each One Teach One

Contact: [email protected]
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