Body, Mind & Soul Saturdays

Sat Feb 6, 09:00 - Sat Feb 6, 11:00
Daze House


BODY, MIND & SOUL SATURDAYS empowers purpose seekers like yourself to heal & connect with themselves through mindfulness, movement & meditation.

Are you too busy to take care of the most important person in your life?

Are you often tired, stressed and anxious - leaving you with nothing for what truly matters in your life?

Are you looking for a passport to positivity and energy - yoga & meditation are the holidays you take with yourself!

Relax, renew & revive the inner garden of your spirit & watch it blossom.


Yoga is like breathing oxygen. We all breathe, but we aren't always aware of our breath. And the sad truth is that we aren't always breathing in the right way. Quick, shallow and undirected breathing leaves you anxious & drains your energy. Yoga and meditation teaches you how to use this beautiful instrument that is your body & play it elegantly throughout your life.


Your mind is a pool of water. When it's disturbed and stormy it's reflection is distorted. When the water is calm, it can truly reflect reality. In the powerful coaching session you'll learn how to master your mind and purify the water of your thoughts. Eliminate negative thinking patterns, conquer stress & perform at your best under any circumstance!

If you're ready to transform your life now & live your best year, then join us at BODY, MIND & SOUL SATURDAYS.

What are you waiting for? Sign up right now and give yourself the gift of being at your best.

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Body, Mind & Soul Saturdays
Daze House
4 Fourie St, Observatory, Johannesburg, 2187
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